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  1. Just to add to the topic, I am working up a case of a teacher in my state. The person worked 18 years and the salary used in calculation was $ 72,138.66. The monthly benefit is $ 2.621.03. Meaning his salary is reduced to less than 50% of what he used to make. This is actually a little better than social security. If am not mistaken your income will be slightly above 1/3 of your last salary. It is a great stimulus to simplify. Anyway you do not have another option.
  2. I am contributing for my 401 K Plan, the max that is matched by my employer. So 10% of my annual income goes to that account. Besides ss contributions I am obliged to contribute to a pension plan. We re financed our house for 15 years to match with my early retirement (62) if the law does not change. Since the houses where I live are more expensive than the national average, we will be able to buy a smaller house in Florida in 15 years if this system lasts. If it does not, and hopefully wont , we do not have to worry about it. The worse scenario is to move to another country where the cost of living is lower and does not have a high crime rate. I moved from a different country already. Moving again would not bother me as long as it is warm and sunny. All the countries in that classification need help in the English field. And there are safe and cheaper countries close to US. Panama and Costa Rica are only two examples. There are websites for retirees that want to move to more affordable places. I checked a few already. Anyway compared with the rest of the planet , being in US is not bad at all.
  3. If she is a minor, the court system has the authority to force the transfusion. It has happened before and will happen again. They do not give all the details as always. If the pregnancy was a result from pre marital sex or not is irrelevant. The decision if she is capable or not of making an informed decision is always subjective. We do our best and let the matter in Jehovah's hand. The important factor is that she is refusing the treatment. That is what Jehovah is looking at. If it is forced through a court decision, her conscience is clean before God.
  4. Recently I watched a Netflix documentary about refugees fleeing Africa that cross the Mediterranean sea and end up in a island in Italy. When they not die during the trip they arrive in really bad shape, dehydrated and starving . They are fleeing mostly from war. They are Muslims and Christians. The are placed in refugee camps and even if you send them back, their countries of origin do not want them back. It is really a desperate measure to risk your life and leave everything behind, your home, your friends, etc. It was very touching. The problem is there is no infra structure in the countries on the other side for them. No houses, jobs or schools for children. They are just segregated and isolated. Waiting for something to happen. It is very sad and it is a problem without solution now. And if this system remains for a few more decades, it will grow immensely.
  5. Our first choice was Greece.. and it seems that a lot of people applied to Greece... oh well ... it will be awesome even if we end up in a different place ..
  6. The book was based on a real case. The main facts happened. The author is a friend of the real life judge that decided the legal case. The brother was a minor and refused the transfusion, the judge went to the hospital and conferred with him without his parents. He was convinced that his beliefs were genuine and really wanted to consider them in his decision. Of course as a person that considers the law to be above all, he decided accordingly. The brother had the transfusion and our organization did not appeal the decision. After that the judge took the boy and his family (also jw) to a soccer or another sport game that he had special seats and was hard to get. Time passed the brother lived a little longer and needed blood transfusion again. However this time he was not a minor and could make a decision. He refused and died. I read the book when it came out and understood perfectly that secular highly educated people would logically think that way. The author actually recognizes that religion can be good for some people. The parents of the boy (in fiction) used drugs and had very dysfunctional lives before they became jw and improved their lives after conversion. Some dialogues of the jw characters are not real though. Half of the book deals with the judge's marriage and the author created a weird relationship between the boy and the judge. Anyway, lets say that Ian wrote better books before. I loved atonement. He is an atheist but writes very well. The apostasy movie on the other hand was directed by a disfelowshipped person that is openly against us. His mother is an active witness and according to him will not watch his movie. I read a few reviews and decided not to watch at all.
  7. I have just arrived from Brazil and I am glad to report that during the Olympic Games we gave an extensive witness in all areas of Rio with the carts. There was not a single touristic area without carts. The 1.2 million people in town saw us everywhere. Hundreds of brothers participated covering the areas 12 hours or more every single day.  Nice time to be in Rio.

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    2. hatcheckgirl


      Great to hear, sister!  What a good witness :) 

    3. MizPeg


      Gonna finish this job so Jehovah and Jesus can do theirs!

    4. bohemian


      Great! Really encoutaging to hear that. Thank you.

  8. Hi!

    1. Krusso


      Hi! How are you my friend?


  9. It is interesting that Obama immediatly said that although the relationship between Britain and Europe has changed , the relationship with US remain the same ; a very special one. This exit could be the beginning of the end. One of the main reasons two big wars took place in euro was extreme nationalism. It seems that Britain is going back to that trend. Now let’s wait and see how France and Holland will react. They might joint the movement to separate instead of integrate and cooperate.
  10. Yesterday I had mandatory training on LGBT diversity. All federal employees are receiving training on the subject. The main idea is that we should never assume sexual orientation. Then I thought : it always can get worse! Until when my dear God?

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    2. rbrown1205


      I want to correct myself on the article - it is from the Kingdom Ministry of 1976

      *** km 9/76 pp. 3-6 Doing Work with a Good Conscience Before God and Men ***

      Wow, that was a long time ago, and I refer to it often, so it might be a real help for the brothers to update it.

    3. Krusso


      As christians we treat everybody the same way. There is no question about that. We have to witness to them. What I found interesting is that  according to the training we should avoid gender defining expressions such as wife, husband, mother or father. We should use instead spouse or parent. We should not ever assume that anybody is heresexual. That is a significant change. Basically they are trying to change the way we perceive sexual orientation. For us is obvious what is going on, we will comply with  equal treatment however this way of thinking is distorted and does not reflect what is right according to what Jehovah thinks.


    4. hatcheckgirl


      When I'm not sure, I may use partner instead of husband or wife, because not so many couples are married these days anyway.  But to go further and to avoid using gender specific expressions is going way past what it needs to.   That oversteps equality.  Humans are made man/woman/mother/father/etc, and it's getting too bizarre.  Jehovah teaches us in our training to be mild, and not to make this an issue at work, and to show ourselves by our equal treatment of all that we are following him and Jesus.

  11. Besides the fact that he came to love Jehovah after he was already famous and older in general, he was not the average musician. He was an exceptional musician, extremely talented. Clearly it would be unreasonable to require him to stop his career in order to have a relationship with God. In the majority of times one thing has nothing to do with the other. Having faith and a strong relationship with God is what really matters. Salvation does not depend on privileges in the congregation. So in his case it was perfectly possible to serve God and still do what he did the best. I do not think he would be happy if he abandoned his music. This is my humble opinion.
  12. My guess is if he was a jw and the rest of his family wasn't ,he likely left instructions in case of death regarding his funeral. Let's wait and see how his funeral will be done. At least a talk regarding his hope would be appropriate
  13. Awesome picture


    1. Tortuga


      Thanks, I was't expecting a reaction from anyone...:blushing:

      The picture is actually about 10 years old but I recently shaved my mustache and since I haven't changed in the last 10 years, this picture is still pretty close...:)

      This picture was taken in Las Vegas, we were having dinner with Heather West, one of the winners from the Hell's Kitchen TV show.


      Heather West.JPG

    2. Krusso


      It is good to put a face on your excellent comments. Your wife is beautiful. Congratulations!

    3. Omoyeme


      Lovely photo. :)

  14. 60,000 unregulated chemicals and big corporations making billions and not on ounce of concern to the long term effects in humans. Satan deserves a huge compliment. He is doing an awesome job. Thank God his time is limited.
  15. I am reading the book and it explains very well the financial crises caused by the subprime mortgage bonds. It depicts a system in disarray, a financial system that does not encourage responsible behavior and also that the US economy is a large gamble where pretty much nobody knows what he is doing.
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