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  1. What if animals that are now in extinct roam the earth again. That might be a possibility u knw. I assume so becos some animals believed to be in extinct are later found alive in isolated places
  2. 4 any1 having problems updating, try re downloading again. The bug has been fixed by the developers. Thanks musky Thanks jonathan
  3. I've got over a hundred gig of space. I think an update patch will work. Can i get any?
  4. Can i pls get a link for the recent wtlib update. Can't update mine
  5. Gud day bro n sis. I'm having complications updating my WTLIB. It downlaods but fails to apply the update Can i pls get the update package, pls?
  6. No furher information yet as regards any replacement for now. I'll be glad to update u all if there is any
  7. A letter was sent from the branch office to have the decoder on and wait on Tues by 9:30 am. I waited patiently until past ten o clock when there was a live audio broadcast that "bro jackson visit has been cancelled and further information will be sent to congregations as soon as possible". The BOE couldn't believe it when i told them until they all received the letter in less than 2 hours. Like you said there must be a genuine reason for the cancellation of his visit.
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