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  1. Thanks, Mike, but aren´t the Win11 emojis the same as in the WT Library app? I was asking about apps in order to have a bigger choice of different emojis...
  2. Thanks Carlos, but it is not about sending - ust for personal use, for the tags in the watchtower library
  3. Does anybody know if I can buy an app or add to my keyboard MANY MORE emojis? If you know, please let me know for Android as well as for ios (save ones). Thanks.
  4. Ever since I´ve known this song (around 30 years) it always moves me to tears.
  5. Thank you, Rune, that´s so nice! We all know that Jehovah is the greatest shepherd and that he loves EVERYONE of us, but the more hard-hearted we are treated by others, the more grateful we are for his compassion. Luke 7:41,42 So, if someone´s circumstances are worse then those of his brothers and Jehovah shows him compassion, he feels especially loved. Just like you said about the bummer sheep:
  6. I joined the JWTalk in August 2015. I would like to thank all the moderators for their efforts to keep this a clean place where brothers and sisters can "meet" and have a good time. @Astrid: Thank you so much for telling me about the forum 6 years ago! Through JWTalk I could "open my heart wide" (2 Corinthians 6:13) and I have met some of my best friends here
  7. Black - like my soul. Just kidding.... But I do drink my coffee black. Coffee is a hug in a mug
  8. I like the breakout rooms. In our congregation, you can choose one of the breakout rooms (numbered consecutively from 1 to 10) you want to enter before the meeting and enjoy a conversation with one more brother/sister or a small group of them (usually not more than 5 in one breakout room). After the meeting we are distributed by a random generator into the several breakout rooms for 5 minutes, then we are "shuffeled" again for the next 5 minutes...etc. Before we agreed to this procedure, it was very hard to have a "normal" conversation before the meeting, because we are about 100 people! It was a big mess - EVERYONE was talking at the same time, the only thing you gained from those "conversations" was a headache. Now it´s much better. For example, I usually meet with the same 2 sisters in one b-room before the meeting, and we can have a nice small-talk. Sometimes one or two more people join, sometimes it´s just the three of us. After the meeting, I stay for 1-2 "random mixtures" and so overall I talk to 3 - 8 different people every time, having funny conversations and encouragement within the breakout rooms.

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  • Birthday 12/26/1977

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    Reutlingen, Germany
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  • How I found the Truth
    The witnesses used to find my family everywhere - no matter how often we moved :-) In addition, some relatives were witnesses, and they often told my parents about the trouth. My stepfather was interested from the beginning, but my mother was completly against the truth. She had heard many prejudices from our greek orthodox surrounding (yes, we are Greeks :-)). She even threw away the literature that had been given to my stepfather. But then he decided that the whole family should visit a meeting. Then we visited a second one - and after a short time every meeting, although we had to drive about half an hour to get there. My mother could now see, that all that she had been told was not true, and she soon agreed that this was the truth. So we started a bible study with a brother as a family (I was about 8-9 years old). Later I got my own study with a nice sister. My parents got baptized in 1995, and one year later it was my turn. My brother, who is 10 years younger than me, was born in the truth.

My Hobbies & Interests

  • My Interests
    I simply love music (I listen to it, I sing - not very well, but loud -, I´m learning to play guitar...).
    I also love soccer. In this case I rather watch it than playing myself. But I used to play very well as a kid, my teacher always wanted to have me in a team... Meanwhile I enjoy watching matches on TV or live in the stadium of my favourite club FC Barcelona :o) - where you can find me at least twice a year :-)
    I also like reading, travelling around the world (--> see website www.chrissy-on-tour.de), and I enjoy playing with my cat as I love all kind of animals, but ESPECIALLY cats.
  • My favorite books
    the Bibel
    Pride and prejudice
    A streetcat named Bob
    Books by John Grisham
    Books by Charlotte Link
    some books by Thommy Jaud
    and many many more
  • My favorite music
    Pop & Rock music, music of the 70s and 80s, some of my favourite bands/artists: Roxette, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Phil Collins, Queen, Savage Garden,...many Greek singers and many Spanish/Latin American singers and bands, just as David Bustamante, Malu, Luis Fonsi and the Mexican band Camila.
    And, of course, our beautiful kingdom melodies
  • My favorite quotes
    "God does not play dice with the universe" (Albert Einstein)

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