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  1. The lack of phone service in some of the affected areas is evidently making it difficult to find out where people are and if they are safe. We know the brothers will be doing the best they can to work through their groups and eventually get information to the CO who will report to the branch. But no doubt lack of phone service is a challenge.
  2. We shouldn't be surprised since they are working for the "father of the lie"
  3. There are many like Serena(admittingly not in the public eye) who were raised around the truth but never made the truth their own. Yet they take a stand on different issues. Let's be happy when they do this and hope that one day they can fully embrace serving Jehovah in a complete way.
  4. Reminded me of the fall of the Skyway bridge here in Florida in 1980 I believe it was. It was a stormy morning and a ship hit one of the supports bringing the bridge down and close to 40 people died. I worked with a man that had come across the bridge that same morning before its collapse.
  5. It seems Russia is more concerned about "extremists" with a bible than real extremists with guns or bombs. Of course eventually they'll find out that the bible is more powerful than their security forces with guns !
  6. Not a good idea to take something that belongs to Jehovah ! It can't end well for them.
  7. It would be a sad thing if secular courts were allowed to review congregation judicial matters. Worldly viewpoints would be in opposition to bible viewpoints. How much better it is for an individual who has been disfellowshipped to make whatever adjustments in their life so they can be restored to the congregation and Jehovah. Sadly many resort to being bitter or resentful.
  8. Look what happened to other world powers that mistreated God's people. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon.
  9. Satan is diabolical and he loves to use humans to carry out his purpose. Think of all the babies that were murdered during the time of Moses and Jesus. The millions murdered during the holocaust. Only Jehovah and Jesus Christ can put an end to him and his evil agents.
  10. Re the Malawi Video. When I was much younger back in the early 1960's a young couple arrived at our meeting place. It wasn't a Kingdom Hall but a rented facility that we used for our meetings. The young couple were a new Circuit Overseer and his wife Keith and Ann Eaton. It was their first circuit and they arrived on a scooter ! They are still the youngest Circuit Overseer and his wife that I have ever had. Well they went through Gilead school later and ended up in Malawi. They were deported from there when the ban was on but apparently returned later. Si it was good to see them on the video still faithfully serving Jehovah some 50+ years later.
  11. A lot of inaccuracies in news stories. One article stated the witnesses forbid children going to college. We know that is a personal choice although we are warned against some of the dangers involved and of the wisdom of putting theocratic goals first. Also it is to be noted that Jehovah's Witnesses abhor violence which would rule out murder/suicide. Probably a whole lot more involved that hasn't been reported.
  12. It's good to remember the example of Jeremiah who preached concerning the end of the Jewish system of things back then. He was abused and mistreated by his fellow Jews. But the system ended with many of those opposers losing their lives but Jehovah preserved Jeremiah's life.
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