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  1. We started with our daily family bible reading right away. I didn't know my 8 year old daughter enjoys so much reading the bible herself! 🙂 She had shining eyes when she got her very own bible today!
  2. Be carefull with this! In my opinion, this is about a demonic prophecy, which actually might come true. You know the demons have controll over the catholic church. So they can absolouty manouver things that an elected pope matches the parameter written in each part of this prophecy.
  3. Alright, thank you for the warning about apostates! I told my wife not to believe everything she hears and that she's not supposed to spread those news under the friends. I think I will also inform the elders that there are roumors that could confuse some bothers.
  4. My wife went to the service meeting this morning. She was told, that the first friends in russia have been arrested! Can someone please confirm?!
  5. Loved the story about the NASA-Astronaut! - weird but possible...
  6. In todays talk, the brother shared a personal experience of his. It touched me really deep and I had tears in my eyes. The brother was a foster child, when coming to the truth. Often he felt very lonely. He had a little birdy in his room, which he put on his cheek and cuddle it. One day he prayed to Jehovah: „Jehovah, I feel so lonely, I want to hug you“. Later that week, he was in service with an anointed brother. That brother was a construction worker, not very emotional and avoiding physical contact. But when they met, the anointed brother said: „J. I can‘t help myself but I have to hug you now“ Imagine, because Jehovah could not hug the brother himself, nor could send an angel, he hugged the brother through that anointed brother
  7. If someone doesn't belive Jesus prophecy regarding earthquakes being fullfilled today... http://edition.cnn.com/2013/07/05/world/earthquakes-fast-facts/index.html
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