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  1. So... The first link had a list of mono.... Whatever its spelled.... List of 20 items thats basiclly the same thing. Try those links... Perhaps you.ll see. On a phone.... Busy... Trying to to offend poeple.... But its all right there if younwant to see it.
  2. Origin and Preclinical Analysis Ofatumumab was generated in transgenic mice using the following protocol: Transgenic mice were immunized with human CD20 transfected cells using a prime-boost strategy. Hybridoma that secreted human IgG1 anti-CD20 antibodies were extracted from successfully immunized mice.13,14 Using genetic engineering techniques, heavy and light chain genes from one human anti- CD20 cell line, 2F2, were transfected into a murine myeloma cell line (NS/O) for production of ofatumumab. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2726602/
  3. One thing to know.... I.ve researching this... And one statistic was that the most common side effect with this monoclonal antibody is upper respertory infection. That can.t mix well with covid 19.... And the percentage was 39%.... Over all they get 30% infection side effects..... I.m not sure i would understand why doctor would presvribe this when its a chemo therapy targetted at a specific cancer cell.... And its made with both human and animal cells. Not found the human source yet.... But animal so far is rat and mouse. And the part is spleen.
  4. https://www.intechopen.com/chapters/51512 So.... You got to look up the medical speak words.... And the weird letter number names .. But more then likely it will goto odd animal and or cancer cells... The immortal cells usually is cancer cells. They can.t filter out the dna. Now we eat dna when we eat animal.foods.... So does by passing digestion and sending it into your blood pose a risk? Some say yes... Personally the idea of taking a product propogated with diploid cells is not very appealing.
  5. Biblical reason has nothing to with jw organizations name. If you watched update 8.... They aren.t opposed to deciding not taking the vaccine... I.ve already explained my reasons. My reasons are against all vaccines for my response to them... My conscience... What i know about vaccines... Propigation of the virus to make the vaccine uses all kinds of weird materials.... Use to be egg protiens... Which i wouldn.t have an issue with. But research it for yourself... Some really bad propigation materials. The dna and protiens can.t be filtered out. Now i understand we eat protiens and the liver deals with it... But going directly in the blood stream might not be the best idea.... Long term complications.... I.m not gonna bore you with the details... But i was just saying for me... My decision... Has nothing to do with anyone else.... I.m not trying to change someone elses decision. And i see the brothers leaning. But they also are ok with me deciding for myself aswell... My decision.
  6. Opera..... Fire fox.... Safari....brave Stopped using chrome..... Not sure if edge is any better
  7. I think the easieast thing to do with os change overs is just get a new hard drive... Then you can have both... Old one as back up plug and play. But yes you would need the ISO download to manually instal it. The drivers a pain? Might want to check if your computer has driver support or mothboard manufacturer.... Computer indusyry is getting to be more of a buy new and throw away old... Less and less support for older stuff.... Why you want to buy business machines atleast for parts.
  8. Its not weakness... Its on purpose.... If it was weakness you.d here more in this organization... But honestly its rare....for jw congregations. Now there is fornication .. But the statistical numbers of child abuse is far less.... Sadly i do here it has happened... But this organization does something about it.... Brothers should never be used in this system... They would never qualify to be an elder nor should they take it out of respect for Jah ...
  9. I would use a blood argument... As many vaccines are propogated with materials with blood in it. Biblical argument as opposed to religious... Its my conscience. Along with putting something in my body that would in my opinion defile it.
  10. No clue if mentioned. Read bible in chronological order of when written. Read bible in year... Bethelite assignment. Read bible in three months... Gilead student assignment pre Gilead school. Read bible outloud.. No skipping chronicles. Learn the pronunciation notation. All the prophecies..... Helps faith... And we don.t go thru it like we use to. Proclaimers book. Crack open a bound volume of the watchtower.... Flip thru till something catches your eye.... Bethel entrance school used lots of older watchtowers. Keep things simple... Less commentary... More scripture.


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