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  1. use jw.org to get a witness to him? get a local kingdom hall number and contact someone?
  2. forgot to mention. You can get a program that sniffs out all the routers you go thru to reach your destinations.... How many hops... And the vpn I used was cyberghost(sorry about the name) and instead of 20 slow hops to the server destinations it was only 4 hops and much faster better pings.
  3. 1 thing I have noticed is that vpn service can put you in the better pipelines with less routers. Faster and better data rates if needed. other stuff...too
  4. put a new router edge on the chairs that routers out the chips?
  5. seamfil has been used for a long time. bondo-sand-seamfil you could also just get another laminate installed over entire side. bondo the damaged area belt sand entire side contact adhesive both sides recommended dry time have some sticks if needed, apply the laminate roller router the edge's and/or file the edges
  6. ccleaner is nice... Fyi. Look and study the settings before. Some don,t like auto form settings erases. And some use history instead of bookmarks. And if you play web games they may get cleaned.... I've even seen some of my bonified programs and older data cleaned off... 😅 number of other free apps that are ...i should list them some time....
  7. blow it off and out real good first. tabbing into safe mode you can google easy enough. Esc, f2, f8, f10. push during boot up. although win 10 might be tad different. google restore point.... You should be able to restore your computer to before the update. google it. if you have important data you need... Suggest getting a new hard drive and taking this one out and new installing windows on the new hard drive... 250 to 500 GB SSD. Depending on needs. check memory.... You should be able to do a memory diagnostics test. google it and goto to your motherboard website for info. hardware issues are tougher for laptops.... Easiest check is using a known good power adapter power supply... See if that helps. you can also usually eddy enough physically take out and back in the hard drive and memory to reseat the physical metal connections. lot issues with graphics drivers...try to get an earlier or older graphics driver from your manufacture site and install it. When installing it uninstall the older driver with DDU . Make sure you do a restore point before... And understand where the new driver installs to. Sometimes you need to tell the computer where the file is. If not get the driver in a folder to desktop and uninstall the driver then goto to safe mode and install from desktop the earlier driver . test your hard drive. There is a windows hard drive diagnostics you ca do... Can also use programs... The easiest program is Crystal disc info and might be able to use it simply from USB thumb drive. another program that has a nice short mechanical test is Hard disk Sentinel. the last thing to try is reinstalling drivers from your manufacture site. Just look up your correct computer, if you don t see it check the back of your battery for model number. last resort is thermal paste replacement on your graphics chip and/or CPU chip....
  8. rest day was resting from creating work. Jesus said Jehovah continues to work?
  9. earth belongs to men. change that word to ground and who,s to say the ground or earth of another planet isn,t part of that promise?
  10. that scripture about faith,hope,love.... part of the rewards give us hope.Jehovah gives us positive things to strive for. Sure we don't want be selfish but at the same time we can have a positive hope and work in that direction. It just trying to be blanced about not being selfish and not be so unbalanced as to take away our hope of positive rewards. eventhe tree of the knowledge of good and bad was a gift that staying loyal to Jehovahby not partaking would of given positive rewards if they didn't partake.
  11. if you read daniel 40 thru 43 and keep in mind the annual meeting. in context another round or wave of pushing would be part of that scripture fullfillment. so they just now say that KoN is in the land of decoration..... so possibly more pushing would company that.
  12. pretty sure its not changed. american british dual world power...perhaps allies...
  13. kinda been wondering if another "pushing" would happen with the talk of entering the land of decoration by the anuual meeting.
  14. dispells a lot of misunderstandings that float around; even though its probly been stated already. not sure if anything is new for elders? i know in california the laws of reporting allegations was a issue for a little bit.
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