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    I had been raised through at least three churches.....Methodist from infancy to about 12 yrs., then Southern Baptist for 3 or 4 years, then non-denominational "born-again" until I went away to college and then I was nothing, though I dabbled in the occult, visited many churches (Ba'hai, Pentecostal, Mormon, Christian Science...more....) and after all that, the only thing I was sure of was that I felt that the Bible was "noble." I was a heavy smoker and drinker and one day I was sitting in a good friend's kitchen while she had her study with Jehovah's Witnesses. I thought they were nuts, and I sat there smoking while they studied. I heard them discussing Hell from the Truth book, and I exclaimed, "Did you just say that there is no hell-fire???" From that moment on I knew Jehovah's Witnesses had the truth. That was around 1973 and I was baptized in 1975.

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    Making children laugh, gardening, reading, true crime stories.
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    Anything by Ann Rule, books about the "real" route of the Exodus and the location of the true Mt. Sinai, history books about New York City and other cities, esp. that I have lived in, books exposing the Catholic Church like "Hitler's Pope," books on gardening
  • My favorite music
    I like music of all genres (except Death Metal, Punk Rock), esp. works by Beethoven, Mozart, Tellemann---in minor keys---and others...Dvorak, Handel, Hayden, I can't even think of them all. I like rock, some country, smooth jazz....mostly lately listening to classical because I've needed to be soothed.
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    "What a man is sowing, so he shall reap"

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  1. Like Charlie said on the show "Numb3rs," "Everything is math!":yes:
  2. That's not what they are saying. For some time now scientists have said that humans and Neanderthals existed together. Now they say, in addition, that apparently they had a human ancestor. That fits in to my theory that the Neaderthals were the Nephilim. Their mothers were human. Can't wait to find out all about it! (New System)
  3. Yeah....let 'em kiss their faces off. I can hardly wait 'til there is just plain no more homosexuality.
  4. (Nice picture, Bob.) Good for Chick-fil-A and all those people who apparently aren't cowed by the "homophobic" rhetoric. Its unusual for ANYONE these days to have a back-bone and stand up against homosexuality.
  5. I'm sorry, I don't even know what PDF is. But I have to say....it's worth the $40!
  6. I love all the posts that everyone has shared on this!!! This one is particularly cute----"I love you like my field service bag"! LOL!
  7. Shame on Mario! He really wonders why he lost his family and friends? Hello! I do not dread the possibility of "making that kind of choice." I've already made it. What I dread is the ignorant, cruel attacks I might get from some doctors. Don't they realize that procedures involving blood are NOT NECESSARY and that refusing blood is the safest way to go---even doctors are saying this now! Blood is BIG BUSINESS, period. I can't imagine anyone, esp. a Witness, taking blood. That guy must not have really believed that blood was disgusting, ever. I would feel raped.
  8. That is cool. It says something....the fact that the guy didn't throw it away but kept it with his precious gun!
  9. Inge, your story is heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time. What an experience! Jehovah has blessed and is blessing you and your family.
  10. How can this be, when more and more information is coming out---from the medical community? Hospitals are gearing up for non-blood treatments, sometimes having special wings for such treatment! How can this be ignored? Doctors are now saying that transfusions should not be given! How is this slipping through the cracks?
  11. And why didn't the lawyer for the family instruct the court about the alternatives? It seems like he didn't bring that out.
  12. Oh dear. I feel sick that the beautiful Bossert will be in the hands of a slum lord. My son Joshua was living there for two years when he was at Bethel, and that place was so clean you could eat off the bathroom floors. I have awesome pictures of the view from the roof.
  13. One more false prophet and fool! He won't have that smirk on his face much longer.
  14. Bruce, I am happy for you. I too thought that we both had love for Jehovah in common, and we could manage any problem with Him in our three-fold cord. He was a false brother, though, and never had any love for Jehovah. Everything he said and did was a lie, as I could see after looking back. I don't understand how others of Jehovah's people end up in strong marriages, and I keep getting blind-sided. I beg Him to help me make good decisions, and I wind up making big mistakes anyway. I still have much to learn. I do hope that the young sisters just TAKE THEIR TIME, as I said before. If he loves you, he'll wait. I guess it is testimony to my low self-worth that I didn't wait; was I afraid he wouldn't wait? Maybe so. Now I know that if he refused to wait, I would know that he wasn't genuine to begin with.
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