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  1. Annointed ones in heaven would not materialize on earth, would they? So, we can safely assume that the vandalism was not on brother Russell... Or, was it?
  2. Yes, I read about it on a blog by brother Bruce W. Schulz, a historian. But I'm not sure he wants any publicity for his blog, that's why I didn't include the link.
  3. I wasn't sure in which forum to post this, but here it goes. Some of you may know that in 1920, the brothers built a monument in the plot they used as a cemetery for Betheites, in Rosemont United Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. That monument, not far from Russell's tombstone, had the shape of a pyramid, as an homage to what was mentioned here in the book Proclaimers: Well, some months ago, the monument was severely vandalized. The cross and crown motifs were hacked out. The capstone that held the four heavy granite pieces together was gone, and the sides appear to have been partly prized open. These are some pictures taken a couple of weeks ago: Such a heavy monument in this weakened state, with its very structure compromised, may be a danger to the public. Finally, on September 1st, the pyramid was carefully taken down.
  4. I think the tone of our publications in times of Rutherford was a reaction to the level of persecution we were suffering. I think that the tone of our attacks against Christendom has always been several notches below the level of their attacks against us. In times of Russell, opposition was farily civil; dishonest and nasty some times, but not too cruel. Our publications in times of Russell mentioned "our Catholic friends", "our Methodist friends", etc. But in times of Rutherford the pressure of our enemies was more savage and inhuman than ever, with mobs, physical violence, concerted attacks, false criminal accusations to send our brothers to jail (Rutherford included), etc. Let alone what was happening in Nazi Europe. So I think the tone in our publications was just a reaction or a protest, but nothing remotely comparable to what we were enduring. Now the pressure of our enemies in most countries is softer, and the tone in our publications is even softer. I mean, today our enemies use malicious lies and false accusations, but they don't invade our conventions armed with clubs to beat us. So, when some critics accuse our publications of being too verbally aggresive in times of Rutherford, they fail to mention the complete picture.
  5. It seems like the real situation doesn't sound so bad, and so they need to exaggerate and distort the truth so that the reader agrees with them. (By the way, distorting what a minority group believes or does so that society in general turns against them. I might be wrong, but I thought that was incitement to hatred.)
  6. I suppose the brothers will appeal, we will win, and the media will ignore the final verdict, as usual. But this case seems to confirm the trend we can see in Western society in the last 10 years or so. The wave of tolerance and respect that came up among institutions after the horrors of WW2 seems to be waning. Some institutions feel more and more entitled to impose their "single thought". They even feel entitled to interfere in our worship by hauling in our two witness rule, or what the Bible commands about the sanctity of blood or disfellowshipping. In this case, internal religious discipline, based on the Bible and known and accepted by all members, is now religious discrimination. How about the baseless accusation in Belgium against a whole religious group of covering up paedophiles? That is not religious discrimination? That is not incitement to hatred? This kind of things reminds me of how easily the institutions of this world can turn against us. The attack of Gog used to be harder to imagine. In any case, we have to follow 1 Timothy 2:1, 2: And we'll have to be thankful when they rule in our favour.
  7. Thank you for your help. 😊 In my case, what worked was to download the update package from jw.org and apply it manually.
  8. For the last couple of months, when I launch the WTL CD-ROM, a message "1907" appears, asking me if I want to update. When I accept (twice), a progress bar appears, but then an error message pops up, something like: "Watchtower Library update could not be installed. Make sure there is not another instance of Watchtower Library active and try again." (I'm translating from Spanish). Of course, there is not another instance of the software active, and I try again, but to no avail. Do you know what may be happening?
  9. It's a brazilian miniseries titled "José do Egito".
  10. I wasn't sure if I shoud upload this here or Digging For Spiritual Gems: Genesis. VID-20200505-WA0013.mp4
  11. I've got another one. When I was a teenager, we used to call a certain brother in our congregation "Hong Kong Phooey", because of the way he used to raise his hand.

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