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  1. Dear Br. Hess, THANK YOU so much for the information. I have updated my Bible on my Kindle tablet and now I can study the book of Acts. On my Samsung phone I tried the same method/ The diamond icon and the earphone icon do not show on any books but when I open a chapter the diamond does show and I can read the additional notes. On the Samsung it is necessary to go back and forth between the Bible text and the notes but really happy to have it on there too. Thank you again
  2. Earlier I wrote that I was having a problem with the JW Library on Kindle Fire 7. The book of Acts did not update so that I could see the supplementary information when studying. I still have that same problem and I am hoping it will update. I have a Samsung android phone running Android version 4.4.4 I checked the Bible on there and none of the books of the Bible have a diamond showing there is extra information. In fact none of the books of the Bible on there have a headphone icon to show you can listen to it. Can anyone give me any information about this so I can update it or will I have to wait until it updates automatically? I have not used this telephone in some time. It is connected to WiFi but I do not have a cellular contract. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have not been able to access the JW Library update in my Kindle Fire 7. I would like to be able to read Acts and have the supplementary information on the right side of the page as I was able to do with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Is anyone else having problems with their Kindle? I was wondering if it just takes longer for the update on a Kindle than on Windows or other devices. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.
  4. Watched the November 2018 Broadcast this morning. I have been trying to find the video about the seahorses that was mentioned in the Announcements. I am interested as one of my RVs really like the articles we used to have in the Awake called Was It Designed? I would like to point out this video. Could someone please tell me where it is. Thank you.
  5. Yesterday and today we could not get anything to play on the Roku JW Broadcasting. Before that we could play the videos but the icons were grayed out. Now the icons show but we cannot play so we will just wait and try again.
  6. Watched this video this morning. Liked the explanation of the meaning of the word Gilead. Also the two sentences about humility.
  7. I have had a problem recently with JW Broadcasting on Roku on my TV. The squares are grayed out but when I click to watch something it comes in good with pictures and sound. It does not tell how long each video is but I usually look at that on my computer on JW Broadcasting. I like the new appearance as it matches what I see on my computer on JW Broadcasting so it is easier to find a video on the Roku on the TV. I am not sure what it means to uninstall the app. Could someone please explain that to me? Thank you.
  8. Thank you so much for this information. I have been tied to my computer with the WT Library installed. Now I can look up items online with my tablet when I am at another location.
  9. I was really happy to see this on my TV using the Roku. Before I could only see them on my tablet if I downloaded them from JW Library. We listen to the meetings on the telephone so we could only hear these presentations during the meetings before this but now we can see them too while they are presented at the meeting if we want to. And we can see them before the meeting too. A real blessing.
  10. I use Roku the first one manufactured and it is plugged into a slot on the back of the TV. Works great. I did lose the remote once and ordered another one and found the first one about the same time the second one came! LOL I have been really careful not to lose any of them now.
  11. jw.org is easier to use. Someone mentioned Chromecast but I have not found that as yet. C ould you please tell me where to look on the site?
  12. Watched this video this morning,. A lot of work is done at the branch I see.
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