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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/19/opinions/putin-rap-music-political-strategy-maltby/index.html Title: “Vladimir Putin bows to his most dangerous enemy” Mistake #1: Woefully overestimating JWs as more of a threat than rap Mistake #2: Woefully underestimating Jehovah when stating rap is Putin’s ‘most dangerous enemy’
  2. Ours here at home is very straightforward, but did require a little set up at first. We have an LG Smart TV (could look up the model number if needed), and by hooking up to internet either wired or wirelessly, you can go directly to a browser and navigate to JW Broadcast. You have the ability to create an icon/link to a saved website, so we have one ‘button’ for JW Broadcast, and another to JW.org (it’s nice to be able to hear the bible reading thru the tv too). So after you’ve set up the icons, it’s just a matter of pulling up the menu, clicking the proper icon and playing the video. My almost 89-year old mother uses a Roku stick that plugs into a USB slot in her tv, and it may be easy to use too (I say that because every time I go to visit her I have to ask how to make it work ).
  3. You would think by the 1970s that things would have gotten better, but I'm sure with the Vietnam War being current, that fanned the patriotic fervor. I was singled out by my 1st grade teacher for not saluting the flag, but thankfully no spakings involved (just got sent to the principal's office). Needless to say my mom was up there in a heartbeat! Middle school, same situation with the National Anthem, wouldn't sing it in choir, so back to the principal's office. Even at the time as a shy kid, I was pretty resolute
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