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  1. What a beautiful reminder today that God's Word, the Bible, is here for us forever. No matter what trial we are going through, the Bible can comfort us if we pick it up, read, and meditate on the words on the written pages.
  2. In the new world, we will experience the full the blessings of the spiritual paradise. A spiritual paradise under the rulership of God’s Kingdom. During that time of global restoration, Jehovah will continue to mold earth’s inhabitants. God will make our minds and bodies perfect, so that we will be able to absorb his teaching and do his will flawlessly. So we must be determined to continue submitting to Jehovah, showing him that we view his molding as an expression of his love for us.
  3. We draw close to God by having a regular routine of reading his Word, the Bible, meditating on it, and by making any needed adjustments.
  4. Paul realized, however, that it was only by God’s undeserved kindness that he was able to carry out his ministry. Paul deeply appreciated the merciful way in which he was treated, and he wanted to make sure that God’s undeserved kindness had not been extended to him in vain. So he “labored in excess” of all the other apostles. Paul’s example clearly shows that if we confess our sins and change our course, Jehovah is willing to blot out even grievous sins on the basis of Jesus’ ransom sacrifice. What a good lesson this is for any who find it hard to believe that the benefits of Christ’s sacrifice could be meant for them personally! {w13 1/15 pg. 23-24 par. 8}
  5. Jehovah is the happy God, and I am so happy to be worshipping him.❤️
  6. The expression “continue to be made new” indicates that putting on the new personality is an ongoing process. This is encouraging, because it assures us that regardless of how long we have been serving Jehovah, we can keep making progress in cultivating and refining the Christian qualities that make up the new personality.
  7. We must use every opportunity to talk to those we meet about Jehovah and the blessings his Kingdom will bring. We need to use God's Word as our main tool and follow up any interest that may result from those discussions. As the text stated, we do this with the intent on making disciples.
  8. We can thus be sure that Jehovah will fulfill his promise to rid this earth of injustice. Yes, his way of judging can be summed up as follows: firmness where necessary, mercy wherever possible.
  9. We need to pray frequently for God’s spirit to help us fight any tendency of feeling superior to others.
  10. Abraham was willing to wait because he was sure that Jehovah would keep his promises. He had faith in Jehovah. Do we have a waiting attitude just like Abraham? This text reminding me of relying on Jehovah matter what trials may come my way and having faith that his promises WILL come true.
  11. The “friends” Jesus had in mind were Jehovah God and himself. If we today follow that same counsel, we are brought into the finest friendship that can be enjoyed on earth, that of Jehovah God by means of his self-sacrificing Son, Jesus Christ.
  12. A timely broadcast. My non-witness daughter and son-in-law are having a little rift. I mentioned the broadcast and she agreed to watch it online when it comes out officially. Jehovah is a provider for all. ❤️
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