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  1. Death toll has just climbed to 50! 😔 https://news.significant-number-killed-in-shootings-at-sky.com/story/live-new-zealand-mosques-11665829?
  2. What a wonderful show of love & appreciation you just expressed here dear sister. Yes I too have felt so encouraged by so many wonderful posts, as well as having some of my questions answered when I’m not sure of the answers. I’ve even been able to share some points with family & friends to encourage them too! Btw I don’t tell everyone I’m on this site, people can be so narrow minded & judgemental! But I do share some encouraging words.... Of course, I can’t leave without saying a massive thank you to the mods that keep this site safe for all of us. THANK YOU. 😀
  3. What a wonderful broadcast yet again! Neutrality is urgent in these last days.... Also I liked what bro Morris said in his morning worship segment, that we don’t know the sequence of events that’s true, but said that Jehovah has been kind to us by letting us know how it all begins with the P&S call & then the destruction of BTG.... So let’s keep busy in Jehovah service, all the time keeping an eye on world events so we’re prepared for that day. I am convinced Jehovah will protect his people during the GT weather we are in prison or not.......
  4. Just four more languages & we’ve reached 1,000!! Can you believe it! ONE THOUSAND languages...wow! I can barely name 30 or so... this just out on our website: https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&docid=502019656&srcid=share Now 973 languages...
  5. Just four more languages & we’ve reached 1,000!! Can you believe it! ONE THOUSAND languages...wow! I can barely name 30 or so...
  6. Love the article ‘ Help others deal with stress’ particularly the sub heading ‘ Speak consolingly.’ A nice gentle reminder that we widows need support, not only in the months after losing a mate, but maybe for many years after. For me, it’s been four years since my husband of 31 years just suddenly died, I can totally understand & agree with the illustration the paragraph used of two trees growing together, & how after many years the roots intertwine. Then if one tree gets uprooted the other suffers too! Yes it does feel like a limb is missing. Every day. It really does feel like a gentle hug from Jehovah.....😊
  7. I was sickened to read this earlier from a link on this thread, & yes it’s now on our jw.org site. Our poor brothers to have to endure this sadistic torture in this day and age is absolutely unacceptable! Jehovah is seeing & keeping account...may he give them strength to endure. 😔
  8. Oh my word! Whatever next! Seriously though... Completely crackers I’d say! 😳
  9. Thank you so much brother Eric, just listened to it & yep! I’m in tears again! Why does this song resonate with me so much!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s lovely so thank you.....😊
  10. Well what can I say! Yet again another amazing broadcast prepared for us, & what a lovely new song! 😊 Thank you brothers for the link.... I join the comments above- I too had a good cry, I needed it.....
  11. I’m desperately needing a new original song! 😀🎼🎼🎼
  12. Aww what a lovely topic! Thank you for starting it.....😊 My favourite scripture for the last 4 years has been Isaiah 41:10 (yes & it’s this year’s text!) Ever since my hubby passed away so suddenly this scripture has given me comfort beyond my expectations! “Do not be afraid, for I am with you, do not be anxious for I am your God. I will fortify you, yes I will help you. I will really hold on to you with my right hand of righteousness.”
  13. Bet all the brothers were glad that was discontinued 😂
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