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  1. I never said it was a cold nor the flu at this time. However, this is more than likely how this will end up. This is how viruses that spread like this end up. I understand the virus is serious. I haven't been inside a building since April 2020. I mask up when ever I might have to be around people. I'm just not comfortable with the shot right now.
  2. As I stated above, I watched the update. While it's comforting, I'm still very concerned. If it gets to the point where I have no choice in the matter, I'll take it. However, right now, I will continue to wait.
  3. Look, at this point, if you're comfortable enough to take all the shots they give, take them. Fortunately, I don't need to leave my house, so I won't be doing much for the foreseeable future. I work from home. I do grocery pickup. And that's OK. I'll wait for it to get to cold like levels if I have to. I'm just not comfortable injecting this into me at this time, and I'd rather wait and see what happens down the road with these shots. I feel this was all very rushed, which is why we need boosters so quickly. That's not normal for a vaccine. But again, if you're comfortable, take the shots.
  4. So if it's going to end up like a mild cold, why is the Pfizer head talking about yearly shots now? Since when do we take yearly cold shots? I'm really struggling to understand how that adds up. It seems they say one thing out of one side of their mouth then another out the other side. This is why I'm still on the wait and see approach.
  5. I'm just living in reality. Greed and collusion happens all the time. That's not a conspiracy theory. Also, I don't know why people think this virus is going away. It's not. There has never been a successful vaccine against coronaviruses because of the way it mutates. It's spread to far and wise for it to really be stopped. They will be pushing multiple shots for a long time coming, and I'm concerned about the long term effect of that. I'm trying to keep a level head, and I stated in the Update #8 thread that I found the branch findings to be very comforting, but there is still a lingering worry for me. Now Fauci is saying 3 shots are going to be necessary. Who's to say it won't be more? And to think, this all started with 2 weeks to stop the spread. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.deseret.com/platform/amp/coronavirus/2021/10/1/22704400/dr-fauci-covid-shots-how-many-do-you-need
  6. This is more of something you take once you contract COVID. At least that's what I thought.
  7. As someone who is skeptical regarding the shots, I must say the numbers he provided were very comforting.
  8. I'm going to start working on this. I'm not going to risk increasing my issues for a shot. This is crazy.
  9. I work for a company that employs more than 100 people, so I feel that eventually they're going to force us regardless.
  10. How am I supposed to submit weekly testing when I work from my house? Am I really going to have to take the shot to work in my house? I never even see anyone. I don't even have a building to go to. I'm very sad right now. I already have nerve issues, and exacerbating them has been one of my main concerns with this shot.
  11. This is why I have been leery of this shot. So many virologists and doctors have expressed from the very beginning significant concerns about many people developing autoimmune disorders during over the next few years after getting this so-called vaccine. Of course, these people were called "conspiracy theorists" and had their pages removed for "misinformation". I can already see they're about to start telling people they'll have to get quarterly shots and if they don't they won't be considered fully vaccinated.
  12. Sounds like the Spanish Flu all over again. The 2nd round started taking out the youth.
  13. Wow! This is the premise of quite a few movies. We are clearly nearing the end.


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