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  1. Very interesting. I also found a Watchtower article about it here: https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1992602 Enjoy!
  2. Song 91 was actually a copy of the choral rendition of Song 126 from the Sing to Jehovah songbook. It's exactly the same. This means Song 112 is the first newly released chorus version as this was never done with the old Sing to Jehovah songbook.
  3. I think this article was based on Geoffrey Jackson's talk at last year's Annual Meeting, "Expect the Unexpected." Very similar points made throughout.
  4. Can anyone work out what date this morning worship is from? I've been able to find the date of almost every mw video so far, but this one has me stumped!
  5. Actually the 2nd verse of Song 134 IS in the present tense, so it is ready to be sung right after Armageddon!
  6. This discussion on using the expression "the friends" is very interesting. I know a bit of Italian, and looked at how it was translated when it came up in the publications. Almost invariably, the word for word translation is "the brothers" (fratelli), not "the friends" (amici). I wonder how other languages translate this? It leads me to believe this is just an American thing, or at least it started there, and is now being used more and more in English speaking countries only. Below are the examples in Italian: kr chap. 7 pp. 68-77“The radio work has been a real stimulus to the friends in their canvassing from door to door.”“L’uso della radio è stato per i fratelli un vero stimolo nella predicazione di porta in porta.” w14 7/15 pp. 17-22“She also loves the friends and is very concerned about others.”“Ama anche i fratelli ed è molto premurosa nei confronti degli altri.” yb12 pp. 164-255“We took some time to encourage the friends but finally had to return to Nairobi . . .”“Ci prendemmo del tempo per incoraggiare i fratelli, ma alla fine dovemmo tornare a Nairobi, . . .” w12 10/15 p. 32“Our children, Cody and Larissa, were very touched by the faith and trials of the friends in Russia.”“i nostri figli, Cody e Larissa, sono rimasti molto colpiti dalle prove affrontate dai fratelli russi”
  7. JW Library on iPad does have the history function. You just hold down the Bible or Publication icon at the bottom for a few seconds and up pops your history.
  8. I tried to use the above link to view the file for the new Sri Lanka video, just by adding "rd" at the end of "jwb", but i got this error message: Sorry, there was a problem retrieving the files. Try again later. I eventually downloaded the video anyway, but does anyone know if this kind of link will still work in the future?
  9. Try here http://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/activities/help-community/protect-children-online-predators/
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