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  1. Windows 10 Home Single Language Version 1709 OS Build 16299.431 JWL Spanish Version 10.4.24257 I was playing with some files and scripts of JW Library, And then i realised that a new tab "Development Mode" appears. But i thought that it was a Branch's mistake maybe. I don't know, probably i discovered something unintentionally hahaha Here another screenshot when i tried to connect to jw server: 😉
  2. It's just me or this new tab appears in all JW Library versions? (Go to Settings/Configuración On Windows 10)
  3. Hi Brother Isaac, 


    can you please send me the cover of the new book that is to be released. I would love to see it. 




  4. Tell me more about this bro... actually i've fixing some JWPUB's
  5. Just delete "update" file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Watchtower\Watchtower Library 2015\E ...and try again ;) You can install February 2017 update in WTL 2015 too, of course this is an unofficial update. Here a screenshot of WTL 2015 Spanish edition:
  6. Updates for german and japanese editions are ready too. But we are still waiting for WTL Spanish edition and update!
  7. Well... here another pic!! Our Bro Ekrann and a special bike Just two days more!
  8. i'm asking myself... anyone has received WTL 2016 edition in the congregation another language besides english? we're still waiting for spanish edition here!!
  9. Anyone knows if actually WTL 2016 has been released in other language besides english?
  10. Same reason here bro. I understand it perfectly. it's curious that you got English version, when we're waiting for spanish edition realese.
  11. Yes bro. I have been doing that for Spanish Edition too and sharing it in big hispanic forums and many brothers really appreciate it. For that reason, i wanted to do same with english edition. ok bro, thanks for your advice.
  12. "Went a little too far?" I don't think so. This forum allows to share WT library with others (that violate same point of the EULA too) but you can not share a little portion of it? Haha come on! please!
  13. Second Update for Watchtower Library 2015 (December Update) Publications added: Watchtower Study Edition (August - December 2016) Watchtower Public Edition (August - December 2016) Meeting Worbooks (August - December 2016) Publications Index 2016 Daily Text 2017 This is an unofficial update, i created it myself. Modifying the July Update and adding new publications. It's works fine (see screenshots). If you want it, sent me a MP for download link. While you waiting for new 2016 edition. ;)
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