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  1. Yes it can be converted to Excel. Click... 1. File menu 2. Download as 3. Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) If these steps don't work the file is attached below. 2018 Country and Territory Reports.xlsx
  2. I created a Google Spreadsheet to help sort and filter the data. You can use this link to open: bit.ly/2018CountryTerritoryReports To sort or filter the data: 1. Click row # 3 to highlight the entire row 2. Click Data menu 3. Click Filter views... 4. Click Create new temporary filter view Then click on the green triangles > to sort the columns by lowest to highest (A > Z) or highest to lowest (Z > A) or filter by condition or values. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Yes it is the 2013 edition. Hopefully the newer editions last in high humidity climates.
  4. My Bible has not held up well at all. I posted about the deteriorating condition a year and a half ago on this post: Some thought it was a mouse eating the cover but it is the high humidity in the Dominican Republic. The Bible I gave my wife also has the same problem. The Bibles are a lot worse now compared to the pictures. I don't have a recent picture at this time since my wife and I are visiting Southern California until mid October. When we visited Warwick last year I showed my Bible to the brothers at the front desk and they were shocked 😲 to see it in this condition. They suggested I send an email to the publishing department with pictures and letting them know how I use it. I never contacted them since I lost this departments email address. Hopefully the covers have been upgraded since the 2013 Bibles to withstand higher humidity climates like the Dominican Republic but I haven't noticed a difference. Have any of you? The Bible for Haitian Creole came out about 2 years ago but I haven't had the opportunity to see if they are doing any better.
  5. Under Engagement Total Visits, I see the number 111.49M. Is this that amount of visits all time to the site? EDIT: Found the answer. This number is Total Visits during the last 6 months 😄 Great job!
  6. Here in the Dominican Republic our circuit overseer, during elders meetings, calls out elders that do not button up their suit jacket while on stage and asks them to do so. At our circuit and regional conventions, the suit jacket police are on the prowl to make sure our suit jackets are buttoned up before we go on stage. Seems like it is more lax in other areas. Because of the heat and humidity and very few Kingdom halls with air conditioning, I wish we could de away with the requirement of suit jackets here in the Dominica Republic like in other lands (Philippines, etc.). I sweat like a pig 🐷 and find myself always very uncomfortable on stage with beads of sweat pouring down my face, even with a handkerchief 😓
  7. The second and third paragraphs on page 224 reads: "They all laughed as Alec pulled the cork and poured for them. "Well guys, it's been nearly a year since anyone toasted anything, but... I'm glad to have another drink with you both. "Cheers." They agreed, and drank." Why would we be toasting in this way in the new world?
  8. I just read this Newsweek article: http://www.newsweek.com/jehovahs-witnesses-939860 I'm keeping my dear brothers in my prayers. Sent from my G8441 using Tapatalk
  9. Hello my brother. A "few months" have passed 😉 Any update on your selfless work in translating "All Things New" into Spanish? ❓
  10. FOUND THE SOLUTION Since this tablet was originally sold by Verizon in the US it comes with a SIM card slot for a data SIM. Well I opened the slot and found an old Verizon SIM card still inside. (Side note: I recently purchased this tablet used from Amazon). I removed the SIM card, and what do you know. No more problem With a SIM card inserted with no data service seems like the tablet tries to connect and this refreshes the JW Library app. Hopefully this fix helps someone else. Thanks everyone for your help
  11. UPDATE The problem is more than just playing videos. At random times the JW Library app refreshes itself. It refreshes even while viewing a magazine article and makes it hard to study This refreshing has to be the reason why videos close when using the app. Why is it refreshing? I don't know. That is why I am here requesting help to try and figure it out. WiFi, Bluetooth are off. No other programs are running in the background. The following link has two short videos showing the problem in action: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jWoljXUpEpRnbYH92 To answer your questions / suggestions: TonyWenz "have you tried to download the video and play it the same way you do other videos?. If the problem is the library app, bypass it...!" "My library app is set to download media to the sd card (in settings tab)" Bypasing the app for videos is an option (even though this option makes it harder to find the videos) but the random refreshing going on within the app make it almost unusable This problem is happening with and without using the SD card. Friends just call me Ross "Does this happen while connected to Wi-Fi, or just when using your phone's data? Or both?" Both OPTION FOR TROUBLESHOOTING: I want to try an older version of the JW Library app. But I will wait on what you all think. Thank you
  12. Hello my brothers and sisters. This problem happens all the time while playing any video using the JW Library app. The video plays for a short while but then it just closes. If the video is from the broadcasting it plays from 3 to 5 minutes but then it closes. If the video is 2 minutes in length it plays for 15 seconds to 1 minute before it closes. What closes is the video. JW Library stays open. Audio files play fine and do not close using the JW Library app. Outside of JW Library app all video files play without closing. This is on an Android Samsung Galaxy 10.1 from year 2014, model number SM-P605V Running Android Lollipop 5.1.1 with the latest JW Library app version 10.4.23307 Any ideas?
  13. Great tools. In your Readme.txt file you mention you "also have another version that checks for the second screen setup and adjusts the settings accordingly." Is this other version in the JWL.zip download? If not, could you please send it to me so I can try it?
  14. If anyone could please send me via PM a link to download the APK file of this version 10.1.19517 file name "org.jw.jwlibrary.mobile-10.1-19517.apk" My Google Play store is not working on my phone and I don't have the time right now to reset to factory settings. Thank you
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