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  1. I live in NJ - in NY/NY/PA Unfortunately there are more causalities than reported - It is the scene all over the world today - although some still have this entitlement feeling!!! And I have heard things even on the news even from commentators...smh! - however...we know no matter where we live today we are not immune!
  2. We will do just that dear sis - yes, patience is needed for all of us these days - Beautiful WT lesson on Sunday/Saturday meeting for some. May Jehovah Our God be with all those signing and are affected - special prayers for our dear brothers, sisters, families and friends in the area...
  3. Love "But this article will give her much needed encouragement also I believe. Thank you Hope for sharing." Sister Vickie, and I thank you as it serves as a reminder for me as well to share with our wonderful medical professionals - those in the truth and ones who are not! yet! Perhaps, I will incorporate it in some RV letters where appropriate this morning in the ministry. I have a beautiful sister in my daughters congregation who is a nurse - whose PPE is probably weightier than she, and works with patients who have the virus - she is married with children as well. I will share this timely article with her as well!
  4. April - Those are horrific viewing on the news media of all the devastation and just knowing you are up front and personal is humbling - we are praying for you and your families and all affected in the area(s) - Please keep us updated!!!
  5. Yikes! had to change my response - I just watch that video - and this is so scary - I have to applaud her for getting the word out for other young ones who might try this - wow! There is some very scary stuff out there!!!
  6. Judy, I agree with the brother statement above - I recall a time when my older sister use to do this while travelling as well - but the days are increasingly wicked - and many display their anger issues - so we have to be careful - weigh as you stated the pros and cons
  7. Wow sis! You may be able to share some of those clips with us... I am intrigued by the aurora borealis...but then I get excited about clouds and various pic's while driving! Do you have an sky app as well, if so which one do you prefer?
  8. Sis, I sure do understand. I have been doing this for some time now, and will not relax it now!
  9. My dear sis! I am just viewing this and I cannot comment - this hurts my heart! But know as many have stated - that we love you and there are many prayers for you and the family - May Jehovah Our God continue to be with you - and we pray for his recovery.
  10. The brothers have set up various rooms... The hallway foyer entrance - right out side the door The parking lot The water fountain The bookroom The backroom The stage, etc... For me I always attended meetings early - sometimes opening up the KH. And I met with ones and chatted - but right after the meeting I would leave for home full and satisfied - I tend to do the same after meeting(s) on zoom - I am on 1/2 hour earlier and than I leave on the amen - I have to be quick on the button though because our brothers are on it! The Bethelites would tease me "oh you are late" if I was 2 minutes behind my normal schedule - but I do love the break out rooms - my preference is before the meeting(s) Wow...Brother John - that sounds nice!!! " We have tried main room with background music -" soothing


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    My older fleshly sister got baptized at the age of 16, and took me to the Kingdom Hall as a baby, as I got older she studied with me out of the Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained book! I thank Jehovah for my older sister who now serves where the need is greater!

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    I love art, mostly like drawing, trying to learn a new language... and of course preaching and teaching the good news and preparing children for kindergarten is a joy of mine as well.
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    All of our study literature has to come first! And, I love reading to my students as well. Mostly Children Books!
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    All music except rap! Lover of Jazz, classical the most!
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    There are so many I have to come back with updates....

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