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    My grandfather was the right hand of the priest. He started to read the Bible and realizing that his religion loved God in words, not in deed and truth, started to search for the true religion.

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    theocratic projects, good spiritual friends, good food, good music, universe and science, etc.
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    Bible, Creation or evolution, si-fi, traveling
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    Smooth jazz
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    Job 42:2 - "Now I know that you are able to do all things and that nothing you have in mind to do is impossible for you".

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  1. Just downloaded in Romanian. In a few moments we'll watch it!🙄 Sorry, guys...as much as I enjoy your company. ..You'll have to excuse me for about an hour
  2. Just saw there are 2 other threads on this topic. Maybe these 3 could merge.
  3. Just watched Brother Brumley's talk. Awesome! I'm proud to have such a Brother. Thank you Tom for the thread and thank you Michael for the link!
  4. We were not there, we don't know the real circmstances and facts. Personally I don't believe everything on the media. Even if what they said is true, our brothers know that they could be the next arrested. They are prepared. And they know they have Jehovah on their side. Under communism my father was arrested by the security services for his faith. He was detained several days, beaten in the kidneys, forced to jump like a frog and humiliated in other ways. While in the police basement, two so called brothers (in fact undercover police agents) came at our house saying that my father tells us to give him the printing device. Realizing that this is a lie, my sisters asked them to show them an ID card. Angry, they went back to the police station yelling at my father that he has uneducated daughters. My heart hurts when I remember the suffering I saw on his face because of the abuse he suffered. But I know for sure he didn't regret anything and I well remember we were not scared at all. Honestly. Love for Jehovah, our brothers and the truth in itself gives you power! I pray to Jehovah to give power to all those faithful brothers and sisters!
  5. Unfortunately...this is how a totalitarian regime functions. We need to keep praying for our Brothers. And we need to keep watching and to strengthen our faith. We don't need to panic. This is what Satan wants. Instead we should prepare ourselves and focus on spiritual things and on our hope. And be cautious about what we post on public places or social networking about our brothers.
  6. I had to Google it too...then I wol.jw it too. And I found an interesting article: What Is the Bible’s View? ‘Showering’ with Gifts? https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/101977250?q=baby+shower&p=par
  7. I think I could hide under that tables my tablet, an old phone, 2 or 3 Sim cards...just în case.
  8. Honestly I'm not ready... I mean ...I still need to find a place to hide my spiritual food. For the rest. ... ready!
  9. Jer 29:11-14a: “‘For I well know the thoughts that I am thinking toward you,’ declares Jehovah, ‘thoughts of peace, and not of calamity, to give you a future and a hope. 12 And you will call me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.’ 13 “‘You will seek me and find me, for you will search for me with all your heart. 14 And I will let you find me,’ declares Jehovah. ‘... Job 42:1, 2: Then Job said in reply to Jehovah: 2 “Now I know that you are able to do all things and that nothing you have in mind to do is impossible for you...
  10. I watched and re-watched and re-re-watched this last part of the AM and each time I had the feeling I'm blessed to live in these special times of the fulfilment of the last prophecies prior to the GT. And each time I got goosebumps... even if I was somehow aware of the main points of the talks (thanks to the thread about the AM). I can't imagine the goosebumps the brothers who attended the AM had!
  11. If I'll have the opportunity to pass by, I'll visit it. Good to know. Thank you!
  12. I'm glad you always had so good speakers! I would like to listen Brother Jackson, Splane, Morris, Noumair, Let, etc. etc. for at least 45 minutes. But 45 min talks with certain speakers... sorry, but no no no. Not to mention that for kids and old and interested persons or guests that received an invitation for the convention...45 minutes are too much. I also love all the videos we have at our conventions... they unify us even more. We can see faces of our Brothers from all the corners of the world. Plus in this way we really have the same "food" worldwide. With all the good intentions of our Brothers ... you don't want to see the dramas/monologues/ demonstrations prepared in some places. Jehovah does everything with style. ..I think the new format of our conventions reflect that much much better. Just my opinion. ❤️
  13. Agree with Dages! You guys already mentioned so many things I love too. Just want to add the monthly broadcasting and that we can see the whole Anual meeting program and all the Gilead graduations. A wonderful provision I love so much! ❤️
  14. Just saw the jwb for January. Very nice! Very touching! Very touching the interview Brother Lösch gave. Look at his eyes. You'll find out a touching piece of our spiritual heritage made in Romania . For me that interview has a special meaning... I lived it. Now I'm anxious to see the next parts.
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