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  1. So corrupted. Its such a shame that a few people can destroy the lives for so many. My husband has been there with our son a couple of years ago since my husband has relatives there. The food is fantastic, its beautiful and people are happy and warm and welcoming. The country could be very nice if it wasn’t for the mismanagement.
  2. Sofia, I thought exactly the same thing. Its interesting to see that the friends are still happy on the pictures despite the problems. We can remain happy even if it continues.
  3. I also felt like that the first time I heard a voice in the store saying that all should keep the distance and so on. It really feelt like a science-fiction movie as you said. Unreal. You can really see that people are getting more and more grumpy and angry. Its unusual to see people smile nowadays.
  4. Cant wait to start using the new book. The organisation is so modern. Especially many young people, including some of my kids dont have the patience to read much and sit down for longer time unless its happening something new. That is because of the social media which have many pictures, videos and short sequences that they have been brought up with around them. Now this new book will be perfect for them. Thank you Jehovah! 🙏🏼He knows just what people need!
  5. This year has really had a lot of unexpected events. That they were released just now... and so many of them. Cant wait to hear more about this.
  6. I think its so strange that the smell and taste can change afterwards. I know several people that cant eat or drink things they used to. My sister cant eat or drink anything with milk in it. It tastes metallic. My two kids cant drink for example certain juices. It tastes sweat to them. Food that they used to like before tastes sweat. Coke tastes like perfume. A colleagues daughter cant eat bread because it tastes ruled. Another one cant drink coffee Since it tastes metallic. Will this ever become normal again? Its been 5 months now since we had it. I havent read anything about it anywhere. Have you?
  7. I read in an article in a newspaper here in Sweden a couple of days ago that the government chose this path since they wanted a strategy that would be able to hold for a long time. They saw that it could go on for at least this whole year. They didnt think they would be able to keep a lockdown as long as that and they didn’t want to close down and then open again just to be forced to close down several times after that.
  8. I can add that in our congregation the meetings are well attended. We even have a disfellowshipped with us. About half of us have the video showing. Some have kids and have to turn the video off from time to time because of a little chaos going on(including myself) The parents with small children are doing a great job. We talk in breakout rooms afterwards and call and text eachother from time to time. I have some friends on instagram so we write things to eachother there. There was an article in a newspaper a couple of days ago about how the letter writing has increased during the pandemic ( My mom and sister was joking: wonder who are writing all these letters?)😄
  9. Well, we follow the guidelines from the brothers and have meetings over zoom. In service we can call people over the phone or send letters to them. We have a very good system in Sweden with websites that provides names on people who live on each adress. If the phonenumber is shown, we can call them. Otherwise we send a letter. Some people have been ordered to strictly work from home. Others work partly from home. Where I work, we were divided in two groups and one group worked from home when the other was at the office and vice versa. We will keep working like this until the end of august so far. It might be extended depending on what the government says. The schools and kindergartens are open as usual. The school for 17-19 year olds (gymnasium) was closed during spring but will open up in August. My daughter who went her first year in the gymnasium thought it was very hard even though she is good in school. She felt isolated and had problems understanding the assignments from the teachers. And they could not help the students in the same way as in the classroom. A friend of mine had a son with some difficulties and he couldnt finish school because of not being able to do the assignments from home. So he will spend the fall studying extra on a school for adults. This spring there were no parties for those who took their degree, no parties for weddings or other things. The celebration om easter and midsomer was cancelled in the whole country. If someone died, you could not have a reception. I heard that a former schoolmate of mine whose father died couldnt go to the funeral since only to people were able to attend, so her two brothers went when they put the father in the ground. Two families in our congregation had relatives who died ( one of Corona and one of other problems) and they couldnt have a reception afterwards. The talk was given through zoom. We also had a zoom-wedding where a brother from our congregation got married. A young brother got baptised in a bubble pool ( the bubbles were turned off) in the circuit assembly. When you go to the stores they call out every five minutes to please keep the distance, coffeshops and restaurants have rules as well on how to sit or stand in line. The cinemas and amusement parks have been closed. But the cinemas will start opening up slowly in a week. Many stores are filing for bankruptcy. My husband has a bakery and is struggling because many of the companies who used to order cakes,salads, sandwiches and so on for their meetings or when they wanted to celebrate something are now working from home. A friend of mine is struggling since her husband is a cab driver and owns two cars and has to pay the fees to the cab-company, but hardly gets any customers and all of the cab-companys have put in a rule that the drivers are not allowed to sell their cars until january ( they dont want to go bankrupt themselves) so they are forced to keep paying the fees without having an income. And If they sell the cars they get sued. Some people are losing their jobs and getting more and more depressed. The calls to helplines for abused women and children has increased since more people are working from home and bad things are happening in the homes. A lot of young people feel insecure and afraid over the future and anxiety is increasing among them. My sister talked to a man on the phone in service, and he said: I cant talk right now, I havent seen my kids or grandchildren for several months. Its just me and my wife and Im so depressed. We have all limited our association, we see only our closest family. And me and my family do things in the nature, like going to walk in the forest, swim in lakes or the sea. Go out to parks where the kids can play. So even If we are not in lockdown, life has changed.
  10. Found this, it was back in 2009. Time flies... https://www.thelocal.se/20120601/41180?_gl=1*1mk1tx9*_ga*eFFFUFZmUFU5MU5xcmg0dzlzbmpIOWlnWmVLYVByd0FlSUNiRDBnSDlnX1hQbkstQ1h4eWk4Rmx3Tk1JMHYxbA.. ”A new Swedish study shows that all Swedes who developed narcolepsy from the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix received the vaccine from 12 of the 35 batches,”

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