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  1. Here in Sweden they have articles now and then about people who have stopped working and retired when they are 40 something. They dont want to be a part of this ”squirrel-wheel” as we say in swedish and they save about 70% of their income for maybe 15 years and live very sparingly. Then they can put the money on the stockmarket and in different funds and then live from the return the rest of their lives. My sister met a former classmate of hers who is doing this and she said that she knows quite a few who are doing the same. The only bad thing is that she has no time to see anybody else because she is working so much. She has three jobs, but she says that she has about 8 years left and then she can associate with family and friends again. So sad. They put down so much time now to earn money and place it in the market. A market that has no future. How about those who are living on the return now? When it crashes, they will need to find a job suddenly and that wont be easy. And how about that feeling: you hardly didnt see you friends and family for earning money in a system that collapses:(
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-44917545 35 700 soccerfields are burning if you count the swedish fires together according to Swedish newspaper Expressen. It has never burned so much before.
  3. Dear dear sister. I think we all are very upset with what is happening to you in Russia. We want to encourage you to stay strong and assure you that we are thinking of you and praying for you both as individuals and at the meetings. We who are living in countries that dont have persecution cant know exactly how you must feel. It must be terrible, but we have to try to strenghten eachother. Even if those who are not being persecuted dont deal with trials like you do, they also have stuff to deal with, resistance from familymembers, healthproblems and other things. Maybe something we say can come out wrong or be misunderstood, but I am convinced that the friends only mean well. You are going thru this now, but it wont be long until we all are being forbidden to practise our faith. And then we will be scared and you will strenghten us with your experiences and encouraging words. We are one body and if one part of the body is hurt, we all feel the pain. We love you and keep praying for you!
  4. Stay strong and trust in Jehovah dear sister Victoria. You brothers and sisters in Russia are such a wonderful example for the rest of us. It must be so scary for you, May Jehovah give you a calm heart and help you act wisely. 2 King.6:16 Do not be afraid! For there are more who are with us than those who are with them.”
  5. My husbands father was a little boy when the israeli soldiers came and told his family that they needed to leave for a while during the 6 day war in Palestine, but that they could come back when it was all over. They were taken to a refugee camp in Libanon and could never return til this day. In these refugee camps massacres took place(Sabra and Shatila) and people that are living in Gaza and the West bank now are having a hard time because of poverty and oppression. That makes them desperate. Of course its not getting better attacking the israeli border. Both sides have suffered very much, only Jehovah can solve this. And we need to not take sides. I love the video on our channel showing the israeli and palestine men who are now brothers and dont hate eachothers people any more. Imagine all those palestinians and israeli people who will be resurected to a wonderful paradise where all this old stuff is gone and live together in harmony♥️
  6. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/05/nakba-70-years-on-refugees-remember-lost-homeland-180515064802434.html ”May 15, 1948, is a day that changed the course of the Middle East forever. More than 750,000 people were forcibly expelled from their land by Zionist forces, leading to the creation of Israel. Palestinian refugees and those displaced are barred by Israel from returning to their land.” The embassy move on this date is chosen with purpose, and makes palestinians upset
  7. Interesting that muslims have a prophecy about Jesus coming back as a human in the end of time and it will be peace on earth for while until Judgement day or Armageddon. Only the rightuos people will follow him.
  8. Or the Middle East. Talked to a man a couple of days ago that served in Lebanon as a Un-soldier in the 1980-ies. He said, muslims were shooting at muslims and christians at christians, so it wasnt a religious war at all as you would think. It will never be peace in that region. Not in my lifetime, its too complicated. (He was in his 50-ies)
  9. ”So here we are, right on the cusp of the outbreak of the great tribulation.” I had to look up the word cusp since it was new to me. In swedish it was translated to the tip of something, like a knife, a spear or a pencil. That says to me that it can tip over just anytime. And so easy, it takes just a little puff and it starts. But I hope we all get to attend our convention about courage first.
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