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  1. Windows 19 comes with the exact date of Armaggedon. (And the new Revelation book).
  2. Noted today that the new songs of the previous songbook was updated on Spanish. But also appeared on the upper carrousel on the Meetings section. Maybe a glitch? [emoji848][emoji2371] Sent from my T790W using Tapatalk
  3. An excellent and wonderful work!! Thanks a lot! It's one of my favorite songs, and now I can sing it properly, in the three languages!! (I should study Tagalog first too... maybe it's a sign of an open door...)
  4. Has anyone ever found/know the exacts languages of the song Why we came to Bethel?
  5. Thanks for all your prayers. I was at work, but it's on an office building. At this moment, the dust is high, but the recommendation is to stay indoors anyway and avoid any unnecessary exterior activity. But timing was perfect; it came (the dust cloud) when we're not preaching outside. We're very happy doing it by phone, letters and video conferencing. And we all feel safe and protected by Jehovah.
  6. It is a larger one. We've been under it here in the island for the past two days. National Weather Service said it was a 50-year event. You can't even see mountains or even trees at a certain distance.
  7. [emoji1376][emoji1376][emoji1376] ¡Gracias Jehová! (Thanks Jehovah!) Sent from my REVVLRY using Tapatalk
  8. To all the single brothers and sisters in this forum: Jehovah loves you. We all in the congregation love you. We respect you. And we echo the words on paragraphs 13 and 14 of study article number 35. It's all your prayers answered in this section of this beautiful article.
  9. Today is a beautiful day for Jehovah's people. Thanks Jehovah, thank you for opening "the floodgates of the heavens and pour[ing] out on [us] a blessing until there is nothing lacking." (Mal. 3:10). This is one of the monthly program I've enjoyed a lot. A lot! Thank you Jehovah!!!
  10. Tissues are mandatory for watching this monthly program. I was tears after tears after tears. Every part of it reach deep into my heart. Jehovah knows our deepest problems. And it's there for us. Psalm 34:18 took a new meaning for me. Thanks, Jehovah. (writing this in tears)
  11. And this was changed today by the government... The lockdown has been oficially extended until April 12. The curfew times will change next Tuesday, instead of 9pm-5am, it will be 7pm-5am. Supermarkets will be closed on Sundays. People were going to the supermarkets besides buying food because it was the only thing open. And the last new thing, vehicles with a license plate that ends on even numbers can only be on the road on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Vehicles with license plates that ends on odd numbers can only be on the road on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Exceptions are if you are in a emergency. Sundays, well, nothing is open, so, where can you go? And cases tonight keep going up. 70 cases. Special Talk, Memorial, preaching, everything will be via Zoom. At least we will get peace inside our homes, far from this crazy world.
  12. These are the orders here in PR. https://www.elnuevodia.com/english/english/nota/governmenturgespeoplenottoleavehome-2553124/ It's curious, the day it came in effect, we received a text message from our Service Group Overseer telling us that Sunday meeting had been cancelled. We didn't knew why. 1 hour later, the government announced the lockdown. It was supposed to end on Monday, but the government is planning to extend it two more weeks, as cases now are going up. At the start of the lockdown, we were in 5 cases only. Today, there are 64. And 2 deaths.
  13. At this moment, we haven't detect nothing on Spanish, on Android. Still refreshing... Will be on alert...
  14. Yes, it has been quite a week here. We received this weekend a very loving video from the US branch. They tell us that they were getting information everyday about our situation. The touching part: when the brother (Br. Fernandez) open his arms and say: “We love you, brothers”. A DRC was formed to coordinate and attend to all brothers affected on the south part of the island, which is the area with more damaged. Here at the north part, we still feel the aftershocks almost everyday (not so strong as in the south), but that creates more tension that adds to the current high level of tension we live. But it has given us a great opportunity to talk to people in service, and using scriptures as Psalm 46:1, 2 and Proverbs 12:25 (which were mentioned in the video) we are giving people calm, which is something they need, and they thanks us for doing it so. We're praying for our brothers affected in the south, and we're ready to answer any call to go to help there. And we know that there are brothers waiting to come here to the island and help. Sent from my REVVLRY using Tapatalk

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