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  1. I like to keep up with current events and find a scripture that relates so I'm prepared when a householder brings up the subject. BUT, I can only take so much of it and then I go to JW.org or the broadcast to "cleanse my palate" before I do anything else. If the world's news is the last thing I hear it can ruin my day. It makes my heart go out to those whose only hope for the future is a corrupt politician, material possessions, or a survivalist compound. Oh, and the expression "baby bump" has been so over used it drives me bonkers.
  2. I just went on the tours last month and, as mentioned above, a lot will depend on what interests your husband, but also how much time you have available. I'm sure your friends will have suggestions. JW Broadcast and JW.org have several videos that should help your husband decide where his interest lies. Perhaps you could preview them first. I remember one or two videos on the shipping system using the little computers on the brothers' arm, then I got to see them in action! Having watched the video on the Green Globe awards made me much more aware of my surroundings once I got to the facilities and made me proud knowing our brothers were so conscientious. There is even a video with Bro Couch about how the property was acquired. There are several on the Bible exhibits and how some of the Bibles were acquired for the exhibit. Personally, although I enjoyed seeing the printing facility and I appreciate how the system has changed over the years, it didn't wow me as much as the tours at Warwick. I LOVED the display of the History of the Bible. It gave me goosebumps to see Jehovah's name written in an original Bible that is hundreds of years old, and to see clearly how Jehovah sped things up in the 16th century when devout individuals from several different countries began to translate the old manuscripts into their languages..even risking death to do it. The display gave me a real heart appreciation for provisions we sometimes take for granted. Also in Warwick is a display on our recent history. Everything is self guided with a headset so you can go at your own pace. The little town of Warwick had some adorable shops and nice places to eat. OH! but the gorgeous original artwork at Patterson is breathtaking in person. If your husband loves art, he will be very impressed. If at all possible, try to go on the tour at the Metropolitan Museum. Specifically the "Woman and her Offspring" (www.Oasisgrouptours.com). The tour guide is a brother or sister. The theme is how Satan has clearly offered an alternative to the Offspring promised in Gen 3:15 from the beginning, however, the venue is a secular museum. Perhaps your husband will appreciate how much archeology supports the Bible. After the tour you can see the rest of the museum as well. Bottom line, if you can't do it all, I'd recommend Warwick and the tour at the Met. Have a wonderful trip. 🙂
  3. I was interested to read about all the "interveners". I'm curious whether these organizations, some religious, chose to interfere in someone's case or were invited by Mr. Wall. The calendar shows that the court allowed extra time for one of the groups to file a statement.
  4. Richard, thanks for your text. It looks like I better get on this site more often. I didn't even realize you guys were still down south until I read your posts. I loved growing up with the Santa Ana winds but they are the bane of fire fighters that for sure. My prayers are with all those experiencing what we just went through up here. The January magazine is so timely!!!! <3
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