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  1. Jesus said happy are those conscious of their spiritual need. No doubt confessing of our sins to Jehovah is one way to care for our spiritual need and be happy.
  2. How we long to shout our joyfully like the great crowd depicted in Revelation. And yet we are told that we can rejoice now! Although our struggles at the moment are great, we can still find joy in being part of Jehovah's wonderful family.
  3. Our whole existence is about our relationship with our God Jehovah. We need his help so much from day to day. The closer we get to Jehovah, the more help we will get from him. How important is it to learn and to teach others to pray? John the Baptist taught his disciples to pray (Luke 11:1) and Jesus disciples asked him to teach them how to pray in like manner. Jesus eagerly taught them to get closer to Jehovah in this way.
  4. Some people say God does not exist and other's may feel God is ignoring us or left us. Our God Jehovah has the best and hardest job of parenting us imperfect children. In the Bible record, it shows we can make his heart rejoice and we can make his heart feel saddened by our actions. The Bible record also shows that he has never stopped caring deeply for all his children, especially for those who want to be close to him.
  5. What a beautiful thing to see Jehovah's guiding hand in our life. To know and feel his help is a comfort and a blessing and in turn we are moved to thank him and magnify his Holy Name.
  6. When we put ourselves in the hands of our creator, he will surely care for us well. We as frail humans are always wondering - when will he help me? But we can be assured he also knows the best time to help us and in what way. We just need to exercise patience as best as we can
  7. Jehovah taught Jesus to not be a slave driver. This shows how much he truly cares for us. Therefore we also need to be balanced in all that we do. We don't want to push ourselves so much that our health suffers. And we want to be considerate of the limitations of our children so they don't get downhearted.
  8. Jehovah cherishes all that we do in service to him. He sees it and doesn't forget about any of it. Yes, Jehovah sees beyond what we can physically do. He looks at how our heart is motivated to do things out of love for him.
  9. Sometimes if we get resentful or upset at someone, we might say we forgive them but hold back in giving them any help. Deep down we may say, I'll treat them like a brother or sister in the congregation and that's all, nothing more. How different Jehovah is and we are happy he is so much greater than our hearts and teaches us to imitate him by the example he shows.
  10. We look forward to seeing Babylon the Great destroyed. We want to make sure we are on the right side of the fence when that happens.
  11. Upholding Jehovah's way of life was Abigail's way. When she needed to, she took charge in protecting her household. She had the courage to do what was right at great cost. She was humble yet strong and even willing to put her life on the line for Jehovah's name.
  12. Thursday Oct 14 We cannot be strong all the time. We are not made of steel. How encouraging when dear friends imitate our God Jehovah and his son and come to our aid and lift us up. May we in turn always be ready to lift them up in their time of need, Be encouraged by the kingdom song, Keep your eyes on the prize. https://www.jw.org/finder?srcid=jwlshare&wtlocale=E&prefer=lang&docid=1102016944
  13. Paul knew he could depend on Mark It's heartwarming to have a dependable friend to rely on in times of need. Paul mentioned Mark by name. That shows his great appreciation. How good for us to show appreciation of our dear friends by letting them know it.
  14. Fathers have a big responsibility to set the example for the rest of the family. It's not easy but but showing humility he sets the tone for the rest of the family.
  15. Those with big humble hearts who are not afraid to show loving kindness tend to be happier and content in all they do. To put others on a pedestal or raise them higher than yourself or watch others shine bright brings a joy all of it's own. There is so much unbalance in this system. so when we remember it is all temporary and short lived, we don't have to let it affect us negatively.

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