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    Raised in the truth since i was 3, then one day, I finally started listening and learning, and eventually but slowly made the truth my own

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    From everything to nothing. From cooking , to chess, to computers (Minecraft), to star gazing, to doing nothing at all and enjoying some quiet alone time.
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    Besides the Bible, Sci-fi , I've managed to enjoy Iisaac Asimov Foundation series. Books in a series are enjoyable to read days on end.
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    Still discovering new music to pick a fav, but currently like music from Frank Mills Music Box Dancer to Techno to Swing to Abba to Demi Lovato tp Parodies. I love the Female Voice.
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    Something with a good story line, or something involving human struggle that's going to touch my heart. Marx Brothers A Night at the Opera, Proof, Gimme Shelter, A Beautiful Mind. Sci-fi
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    Star Trek Mr. Scott "laddie, don't you think you should rephrase that?"

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  1. Do you know what his blood count is down to? We just had a very dear brother pass away from leukemia. He was spiritually strong right to the end. He fought the fine fight and come out victorious . His blood count went down to the low 40's. One day, no one will say " I am sick" . The best thing to do is visit him and strengthen him and his family spiritually.
  2. I guess I'm old school still, all this talk about anime made me go back and watch 1986 Laputa Castle in the Sky.....what can I say, it's cute.
  3. Jehovah is our maker. He is the one who made all things. He made us in his image, to be like him. Sometimes we don't imitate Jehovah as perfectly as we want to and it pains us and others. How delightful it will be when we are able imitate Jehovah perfectly as Jesus showed us.
  4. Beautiful words, well spoken sister Mandi. May all our intense love shine through and brighten each others day.
  5. Sorry, to disappoint because i am disappointed by this fact that if you close one eye, you only lose around 1/5 of the clutter. 20-30%, not 50%. Wait a sec.... One way around this is to keep both eyes closed when your around the clutter or where really dark sunglasses or just consider it SEP. Someone else's problem.
  6. Well, yes, oddly enough, guinea pigs are either a staple or a delicacy in Ecuador, South America. Mind you, they also still have cannibals in that part of the world.....
  7. A long time ago my family was invited to friends for supper. They served a turkey roast with walnut stuffing. My wife is anaphylactic , plus with some 20 food allergies. The host said , well then just don't eat the stuffing. Many people just don't understand the danger of cross contamination and allergies. It's all deadly to some people and should be taken very seriously. Education is a key factor.
  8. Spring ahead, Fall back. Daylight saving comes early now . I almost forget.  Has this been adopted worldwide i wonder?

    1. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Glad it comes early, do you know what the date for Daylight savings is?

    2. Vinnie


      Tomorrow. Sunday. Need to get to the meeting an hour earlier.

      Sunday, March 10
      and ends Sunday, November 3

    3. bagwell1987


      Yay! Longer days, sad because in the morning it'll be dark again but it'll be daylight till 7:30!, for now! Everyone who knows me knows I live for this time of year. 

      It's been said that they're trying to pass legislation to keep the time this way. We may not have to turn our clocks back in the fall. We'll see. 

  9. From a friends facebook page.....hey guys....I think we need to rethink things.....
  10. If Shakespeare were here today ..... To shave or not to shave, that is the question, Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to use an electric shaver or the use of blades of outrageous fortune....
  11. Really? What would animals do in heaven? What about pigs and all the unclean animals? Nope. Aint happening.
  12. I'm just wondering if there are any optimizations for thruput, or read/writes, database structures/fragmentations/corruptions, garbage collection intervals if any. Load balance for front/back end. Stuff like that. At this point I'm just curious more so than anything else.
  13. Are there any optimizations to be done/tried?
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