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  1. Oh yeah. Four weeks that's more time to "pad" my ministry hours!!
  2. While preparing for my meeting, I was shocked at how quick the memorial is approaching. The campaign is this weekend, starting. And three week after that, we will be observing the memorial. Glad we have the extra time with no mid-week meeting to really prepare for it.
  3. Well, I have to admit that I support the fact credentials are given out by the elders. Prevents abuse of the provision.
  4. I don't believe this will "rock" the RCC. There are people who believe the RCC is changing since they're "admitting" their culpability in the abuse of children. They're are saying this is sign of "humility". Well, where was this "humility" before the scandal became public knowledge? The fact is, this is not an admission of guilt -- its that the evidence is against them is so ungodly obvious, that its virtually impossible NOT to just come out and own it.
  5. I think a helper. Yes, we haven't seen Schafer in a while. Now here is the REAL challenge, per @jwhess. Any guesses on the topic or original song? Picking the host is relatively easy!
  6. Interesting that Morris said "what about those professing to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses" in regards how they treat each other as marriage mates. Basically it means that being a Witnesses is not the same as how the world views being a "Christian". All you have to do is claim that you accept Jesus as savior and no one is supposed to question that no matter how you live your life. However, if you're not living your life in line with the standards that you profess to live by, you are merely "professing" to be a Jehovah's Witness. So there are a such thing as a "professed" Jehovah's Witnesses. Never really looked it at that way until this broadcast.
  7. That made me think about the dramatization on our "Out of Darkness" video in which the Bible Students were standing outside of a Church offering literature, and the priest came out and slapped the literature out of their hands. Can you imagine Witnessing Carts being toppled over by Ken Ham-ties!?!
  8. Yeah, I think you are dead on in the last paragraph especially. I would like to see a life sized Ark myself. Perhaps it would be more plausible in the eyes of non-believers if it wasn't used to advance clear pseudoscience.
  9. Nope, but this isn't new. I think its been around about three years now. It certainly isn't a replica, since no one knows how the original structure looked. Will I ever visit? No. Ken Ham uses this ARK to teach that the entire world is only 6,000 years old. He has dinosaurs on his Ark alongside humans. So I don't feel comfortable, knowingly, giving direct financial support to outrageous beliefs like his.
  10. I've been waiting for this for MONTHS. I wish, though, that when they decide to release them, they just release them all at one time.
  11. Wow! This was a really great AM. The many enlightenments were welcomed for sure, especially that video about the attack of Gog and the turning on false religion. I mean, really, things like that is what really makes faith stronger because we are not fearing anything...we are really eagerly awaiting because the battle of Armageddon is really about preservation of life, not the expectation of death. It is a protective measure initiated by Jehovah.
  12. Its possible, brother Jack, that this could have been of divine nature. I was thinking more of the lines of this being a big reason why true Christians don't get involved in politics. For purely political reasons, hundreds of thousands of people where held hostage for some political agenda. Can you imagine Jesus taking either side of shutting down a government which would prevent your average person from making a living?
  13. Yeah, and according to the Drama rotation that I have noticed, we are headed for a modern-day movie. In 2016 it was both a Bible Drama and a Modern Day. In 2017, it was a modern-day movie. In 2018, it was a Bible Drama. So 2019, if the rotation remains the same, it will be a modern-day one. But the events about Joseph can still be the theme of it.
  14. A GB member for sure according to the rotation. I would hope for brother Cook. Perhaps a preview of the "Love Never Fails" upcoming regional convention.I can only hope!
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