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  1. Hello dear brothers and sisters, My wife and I plan to gift something memorable to all the newly baptized and regular pioneers in our congregation. There are around 20 of them and hence we are looking out for suggestions which will not be heavy on our pockets and at the same time will let us know how deeply we appreciate what they are doing. Yes, I will be writing a personal note to all of them. Any suggestions of top of this?
  2. The following illustration can be used to explain to those who say that all religions are pleasing to God. Cats usually are loving pets and in their pursuit to please their owners or masters, they sometimes kill a rat or two and then present the kill in front of them to offer as a "sacrifice". What's the reaction of the owner? They usually find it disgusting and shooo the cat and it's "sacrifice" away. Similarly, all the sacrifices that other religions think they are offering to God, he finds disgusting.
  3. Wonderful brother, Niel. We all have to really use all our strength to encourage our dear brothers and sisters cross over that finish line. Encouragement and appreciation are most needed in these last days. Let's all pray for that special peace that only Jehovah can give us. We are almost there!
  4. Hi sister Sandy, I do build websites for friends and family using HTML5 and CSS3. However, I have built only one website using wordpress so far, which is hosted on a private intranet, which means I would not be able to share it with anyone. I can easily build any sort of website you want in less than 5 days, and work with the budget that you have. Please let me know how we can take this discussion forward.
  5. Hi dear brothers and sisters, I have been thinking of working on creating a small model of Solomon's temple and use it for educational discussions with the young ones in my congregation. I had been putting working on this for sometime now, but thought I should be taking this seriously now. Do you all have any suggestions on how I should be proceeding here? Are there any DIY models available out there which you have tried implementing? I am also interested to hear from any of my fellow brothers and sisters who have actually done this? Have a great day, everyone. Your fellow servant in the Lord, Dominic
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