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  1. Can you please show me an example of no# 13 and how to go about it.
  2. We have our assembly next weekend. So no midweek meeting next week then. What my family will discuss for family worship next week is settled😄
  3. Hi Bro John... thanks for the info. Please I get the abbreviated watchtower study before the assembly programme. I was however asking about the midweek Christian life and ministry meeting. Did you have yours during the midweek or was it cancelled due to the weekend assembly? Alright... means yours was cancelled then👍🏾
  4. Hi everyone. Just a quick clarification. Please did you have midweek CLM meetings during the week of your recent circuit assembly?
  5. Can we have other pictures...with the Bible scripture they describe. it would be very fun.
  6. Please where can I download the one with the Bethel representative? We’re having ours in two weeks.
  7. Am I the only one who was just a little bit disappointed because I was expecting to see real lions??
  8. Thanks a lot... that’s it. Really touching comment.
  9. On this forum, someone once made a comment regarding why we should always stay close to our brothers. He used Uriah’s example. He was killed primarily because the people who were supposed to help him in battle retreated from behind him. The comment really touched my heart. Can anyone send the link to that comment. And are there any heart touching comments you’ve come across on this forum or anywhere you want to upbuild us with?
  10. There was a talk about the role of elders as "princes" in the Isaiah account, talking about how they'll help guide and provide directions for Jehovah's people in these times of the end. I'm not sure whether it was a morning worship talk or broadcast. Can someone help?
  11. The coffin dancers thing actually started from my country, Ghana(its actually a business for these pall bearers here). And it has now gained worldwide frenzy. Its just humorous...not only depicts death but for any bad situation thats going to befall someone. So in this case, it was showing that as Joseph was carried, he was going to be thrown into the well and sold.. hence the tune. Very funny if u ask me

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    My parents raised me in the truth. After studying the Bible with them and going for meetings and field service, I came to love what I was studying. Also my love for Jehovah deepened and I dedicated myself to Jehovah and symbolised it through baptism.

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    Medicine, Scrabble, Reading, Football and listening to soothing music. The Kingdom songs are really a source of comfort.
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    The Bible, Young People Ask(Vol I &2), Kidnapped, Treasure Island
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    Soul, R&B, Cools, Classical
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    3 Idiots, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, The Pursuit of Happyness, Concussion,
    The Town, The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas, V for Vendetta, The Words, Unconditional

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