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  1. Faithful integrity keepers setting an example to all who want to remain in Jehovah's care! πŸ‘
  2. They were asking for volunteers for cart witnessing to go to Nashville for several special events coming up, myself and a pioneer brother didn't apply as neither of us can stand for the 2 hours that were stipulated but now that you mention "having street smarts" you are right, you don't think you may be a victim of crime because you are doing something nice and good for the community but I also realized how much drinking must be going on with all of the music and bars, they also have peddle bars that people sit on and ride around drinking plus sidewalk scooters everywhere! I guess that's life in the big city, of course daytime is always safer than night.
  3. Well at least they can call home more than twice per year under their new rules for missionaries! The old rule only allowed them 2 calls home/yr.πŸ˜‰
  4. One thing I will not do while going door to door is open the storm door if a home has one, to either knock or place a track in the main door, you just never know if the householder considers that an intrusion and may be waiting to do harm or shoot you thinking you are breaking in. Several years ago in Detroit, Michigan a woman (not a witness) was lost and somewhat confused because her car broke down, went to a door at night time and started to open the storm door, a man with a shotgun was waiting on the other side, as she opened the outer door he swung open the main door and shot her in the face killing her! He went to prison for that, too late for her.People are living in fear and if they have a weapon or gun will use it, I do believe.Here in Middle Tennessee we have a lot of night workers, Smyrna Nissan plant Bridgestone, GM ( Spring Hill) and others so I tend not to ring door bells or knock overly hard in the early morning unless I know someone is present and up.Now with the latest Ring Door bells with video and other cameras homes have , I think it makes it safer for both us at the doors and puts the homeowners at ease.
  5. It can be very intimidating to have somebody near you with a pistol strapped to their side, once a few years ago while selling some things for my in-laws in Franklin Ky. 2 men showed up to purchase what we had advertised for sale on Craigslist both with long hair and full beards and both with pistols holstered on them when I said to them " oh, pistols huh"! One of them replied " well this is Kentucky ya know"! They were both x military and advised my brother in law and myself to start carrying. They both wound up being very pleasant and bought several items, I also just gave them several items for free. πŸ˜†
  6. Being an imperfect man when I hear a talk like this I immediately start thinking of others in the congregation that need to hear this talk when in reality all 5 points need to be applied to myself ( ourselves ) keeping in mind that we "all fall short" no one is immune to worldly thinking and the heart being treacherous can cause many boastful and hurtful desires to display itself in our personalities! Proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in the heart of a man, but the counsel of Jehovah is what will stand." πŸ˜•
  7. Dogs don't know any better! Man was fully aware! πŸ•Man was the bully! πŸƒ
  8. Where he's going they won't need him as a priest, getting up to 50 years, in other words life in prison! He's gonna serve alright!
  9. Virgin Galactic (Richard Branson) sends a "test passenger" into space for future space tourism ! It's the ultimate get away from it all vacation, costing $250,000 ! Who cares about "global security" I'm up here looking down on everyone! πŸ˜”πŸ˜†
  10. Both my niece and her husband were there working last year installing glass windows but also helped in the clean up as both the hurricanes hit, he said unless you were looking at the cameras viewing the outside from the branch building you couldn't tell there was a hurricane going on! They both are going back for a few weeks.πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Isreal now launches a spacecraft to land on the moon, the spacecraft- called Beresheet, Hebrew for Genesis or "In the Beginning" - will take nearly two months to reach the moon. πŸš€
  12. Part of "the drying up"- " though she ( Babylon the Great ) claims a membership of thousands of millions, Babylon the Great will find herself defenseless against the kings from the rising sun" ( chapter 32, Revelation book)
  13. And now Japan has landed on an asteriod, shot it with a special bullet, and returned to space.πŸ”«
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