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    Yes twice my elbow was wicked and had to go down twice!

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    In the dark
    I was in a dysfunctional family, The man who I thought was my real father was an abusive alcoholic and was married to my German mother who was addicted to prescription drugs, who also hated America and spoke little English, so no homework help there...lol Now I help care for this elderly woman who stood by and let my father abuse us. Only with Jehovah's help was there any hope. I had suicidal tendencies at age nine. Jehovah sent me my best friend whose mother had been studying with the witnesses. This little nine year old loved Jehovah very much and talked me out of my depression by means of comedy relief and prayer. Although I knew this was the truth the very first time I heard it...I wandered in the mire for about another 28yrs, even after being baptised it wasn't really in the truth until I became a pioneer a few years later that began to truly love and appreciate Jehovah and his sons sacrifice. For the most part I was just going through the motions. Today I am happy to say that I am in the most wonderful place in the universe, in Jehovah's watchful and loving care. I look forward every day to introducing those come to Jehovah who want and need comfort.

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    Volleyball, RBC Decorating, cooking, swimming, hiking, boating, fishing, diving, gardening,reading, wine tasting, traveling.
  • My favorite books
    I love British literature, Shakespeare
    My own, short stories, poems
  • My favorite music
    Classic Rock, Classical and just about everything in between
  • My favorite quotes
    "Don't cry, there are dumplings in the oven, you just can't see them right now!"
    German humour
    Hardy har har

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  1. I’m not sure I understand this chart my brother? What Does it show?
  2. My Granddaughter😘Charlotte ( she will be 3 in March ) Germany😍
  3. https://www.iol.co.za/dailynews/court-orders-blood-transfusion-for-jehovahs-witness-children-18406658
  4. Stole my pic! What do I do or what can I do? The picture on the top right is the original picture I took and sent into the news to put on television. The picture on the bottom left Was seen hanging in a hospital hallway just blown up with a different lighting and angle.
  5. I checked my email and my builder assist and there was nothing😢
  6. What does the email say so I can search for it is it from builder assist or JW.org?
  7. I feel so sorry for all the suffering our friends are enduring. May Jah help all those suffering to find a way out. When we first began writing letters to Russia I was able to read the Russian Jw.org in English does anyone know how to do that again?
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