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  1. Br. Richard, you just showed me brotherly love. I can't thank you enough.
  2. I wish someone can kindly make MP3 out of it and make it available here. My circumstances won't allow me to download the video. But the audio will be far much cheaper. The transcript too will be so so appreciated.
  3. Can anyone please edit and put together the illustrated opener and conclusion of Brother Cauthon's talk in respects of the Death March? Thanks for the anticipated kindness. (It's yet another keeper from Bro Cauthon. I still cherish his last one on appreciating God's creative works.)
  4. Great idea really! And I won't be surprised if it turns out to be just so. That would make you such a "slave"-like thinker. 😀
  5. Also wish I could get an MP3 audio version of the entire July broadcast.
  6. & "a brother" it really was - affirming that you're such a right-"thinking" fellow!
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