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  1. There are so many opportiunities and area of service for brothers and single brother in jehovahs organization..why would you want to mess that up?.. Every time I pass by this topic on the main page I can faintly hear the tune 'Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)' by Beyonce' (:?please make it stop!) . I've received advice/thoughts from a couple of friends (nothing from Sage, though), and I don't think that I would be messin' anything up by wanting a companion. I do believe there's no need to rush just yet before starting my search for my Priscilla/Abishag/Ruth combo!
  2. This reminds me of Circuit Assembly part where a brother had a reputation in the congregation for pushing people to get involved in the latest networking fad. This time, he was selling a product that would improve your 'toxa-tonin' levels. There is a Brother Toxa-tonin in my congregation that usually gets involved in a new company at the end of the school year to supplement his income. While the point of the talk was NOT to avoid MLM businesses, (the cell company Sprint was a MLM at one time), it was to not get into thinking of using the Brotherhood as your secret to financial success. For you Brother, continue to reason with your wife as to if this supplement is budget-worthy enough. If she has a bunch of scrapbooking materials from 2007 that still hasn't materialized into anything memorable (other than how much it cost to purchase that special die-cut (sorry, getting into personal past experiences:glare:)).... Maybe you should go to a vitamin shop or a natural food store for cheaper alternatives. I've used supplements and many don't have the same side-effects (if any at all) compared to the medical equivalent. Take care!
  3. Who is Sage and where's the advice for single Brothers??
  4. I had so much fun! I hardly spoke the whole trip! Wanted to take everything in.
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