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  1. I admire his passion. Shame it’s not shared by the ones who have the power to do something about it. Aside from the military conflict he refers to as being a cause for such a lot of food shortages particularly in war ravaged countries, there’s another kind of conflict that seems to be on the increase which will have just as bad an effect on the rest of the world including on developed lands... commercial conflicts, sometimes referred to as ‘trade wars’ are already starting to have an impact. These things have been compounded by COVID. In NZ and Australia, orchardists are struggling to harvest crops due to a labour shortage as low paid foreign workers are not available due to border closures caused by COVID. Strawberry growers in NZ look close to going out of business as it’s no longer a viable business to be in. The same will no doubt be true for other crops. There’s either going to be a massive shortage of food or the prices are going to go up... a lot! Probably both.
  2. It's very hard to find balanced reporting these days. Indeed, for a true Christian the "NEWS" is barely even readable/watchable in many cases The same kind of thing that's happening in India's media (as described in the linked article below) seems to be happening with Journalism in various places today. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-54930379 Often, rather than simply reporting news, journalists give their opinions, which are often biased, causing division among those who read or listen to it. Its not hard to see how the media is very much a part of Satan's system, a very effective propaganda machine that is shaping (or twisting) the minds of human society. I like to stay informed about what's happening in the world, but we need to be very careful we don't get sucked in by such propaganda.
  3. It’s seems that despite Russia’s mistreatment of Jehovah’s people, Putin may have a use for God after all... Good luck with that. (Not!)
  4. Russia's Putin wants traditional marriage and God in constitution Russia's Putin wants traditional marriage and God in constitution
  5. A Kingdom Hall in Christchurch got torched this morning. Sounds like the work of an arsonist who also attacked the Cardboard Cathedral half an hour later. From what I’ve heard the Kingdom Hall has been completely destroyed.
  6. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/index.cfm?objectid=12362655&ref=twitter
  7. Many congregations in Auckland have cancelled their memorial campaigns. I’m guessing that those who meet in multi-plexes will exceed the 500 limit on gatherings imposed by the government, so no point inviting the general public. The memorial will still go ahead in some form, although what that proves to be will be decided by each BOE in due course. its a developing situation...
  8. I never thought I’d see the day when we would stop door knocking... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12317063
  9. I’m very proud of the brothers who produce our literature and the efforts they go to to be accurate in what they publish. The Dec 22 Awake, 2005 is one such example. They are always careful to quote their sources, like the medical journal they referenced in that article, dated 2003. Take another look at the December 2017 monthly broadcast. There David Splane highlights how much attention is given to accuracy, with a little quiz. Some of the questions had me stumped. Our brothers really do a great job. Even though that article was published 15 years ago, I’m so glad we can still have such trust in what they publish.
  10. I agree. I believe most of Daniel 11 has been fulfilled. In the light of recent events in Russia concerning the harsh treatment of our brothers and the criminalising of our preaching and worship, this lines up well with what it says at Daniel 11: 44,45. The KOTN seems to be on a campaign to annihilate and devote many to destruction. Our brothers are definitely suffering extreme injustices. As it says in verse 45 he “will plant his royal tents between the grand sea (the general populace) and the holy mountain of decoration (Jehovah’s interests). By criminalising our activity he is trying to stand between God and the people who need saving. But notice what it says next... “he will come all the way to his end and there will be no helper for him”. I believe Putin’s desire to hold on to power is going to backfire on him, in that he is now legally obligated to stand and face Jehovah’s judgement personally and directly and there is now no way out for him... he’s become trapped by his own insatiable greed for power. In the same way that Gog of Magog has Jehovah’s hooks in him (as spoken of in Ezekiel) He can now, along with Gog be reeled in like a big fish, to meet his maker. I might not have this 100% right, as these things only become clear when looking back on history. The exciting thing is what happens next: Daniel 12:1 says ‘At that time Michael (the enthroned Lord Jesus) will stand up for his people’ then it describes the onset of the great tribulation. We must be getting close to the end and that IS exciting.
  11. In Auckland NZ we’ve been experiencing some unusual weather conditions. It’s like fog but dirty like smog. Apparently it’s smoke blowing over from Australia which is 3-4 hrs away by plane. Apparently, (according to one weather forecaster) the fires are so hot that the smoke is rising higher than normal into the upper atmosphere where higher speed winds are blowing the smoke further than they would normally.
  12. Thanks for responding to my post Alan. So what kind of work do you do that involves taking photos? It may be similar to what I do (or have done in the past), and it sounds like we already agree on at least one thing... it's all about the final image. I'm interested in a variety of subjects with my photography: landscapes, architecture, cars, birds, animals, floral, macro, portraits. I'll try just about anything. But I must admit I get most of my satisfaction from processing my images. It's the end result I'm ultimately aiming for. It's true what you say about learning to see beauty. For me that involves being observant of what might seem to others to be insignificant details, for eg. when doing portraits its the catch-lights in the eyes that can make the shot. When shooting flowers, it could be the droplets of water on the surface that makes the shot sparkle. And yet I still have a lot to learn. And there are still a lot of things I want to try. Are you on instagram? I put a few of my images on there under dmacnz_photography if you want to take a look. I also have a simple website: www.dmac.nz What kind of photos do you like producing?
  13. Have you ever tried installing Glass Blocks? If so, what method did you use? I have a window I need to install (6x6=36 square) using second hand Glass Blocks. There are a number of methods shown on U-tube including mortar, mortarless, framed, frame-less. I've decided to go mortarless and use silicon to hold them in place. I was all ready to purchase some items I needed from the US including specially designed spacers and anchors, which were going to cost about US$180 but decided not to when I was told the shipping would be another US$600 on top – Yikes!!! Looks like I'm going to have to get creative. Got any suggestions?
  14. There are a number of sea birds in NZ that sometimes help us to find the fish. We look for the "work-ups" where schools of fish are feeding and the birds like to grab the fish that come to the surface when escaping the predator fish underneath. Sometimes there can be large areas bubbling with fish. The birds flock to these areas helping us to locate where the fish are from quite a distance away. However the birds can be a bit annoying as they risk getting hooked up in our lines.
  15. Wow, I had no idea there were so many different kinds. That's very interesting, although rather complicated.

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