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  1. I will let you know how much hugging and cuddling up next to besties goes on after our meeting. 😉😂I always sit in the first seat inside the door so I have a good view of everyone in front. 😂
  2. So many different websites to find the information. Why don't they just put it all in one place! 🙄 It is a bit odd though that they still recommend/suggest distancing when we haven't had community transmission here for goodness knows how long. They certainly aren't practicing it themselves. Typical government - don't lead by example! 😂 Each cong is obviously going to apply the 'rules' the best way for their particular circumstances which is fair enough and this will certainly be good practice for when covid does rear it's ugly head here after our borders come down. No such practice for us - it's just not possible for us with such a big cong.
  3. Interesting. Numbers 4 & 5 or 7 were not mentioned at our meeting - either Wednesday or yesterday, which was also our last Zoom meeting. The only thing mentioned yesterday was not to forget to go to the hall on Wednesday evening and everyone was encouraged to go. With a cong of around about 170, social distancing would be quite difficult if the majority attend. As social distancing hasn't been a thing here for months, I'm not quite sure where the brothers got that information from. With all venues allowed to operate at full capacity for months, social distancing is in the distant past. The following website was last updated 7 weeks ago, on 8th September, and there is nothing about social distancing on there. https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/department-of-the-premier-and-cabinet/covid-19-coronavirus-what-you-can-and-cant-do
  4. I have missed a few days so just catching up. Whether interested ones/studies are allowed to attend wasn't mentioned but the whole congregation was encouraged to attend. Nothing was mentioned about vaccinations. Zoom will continue but initially those using it won't be able to participate until some updates or other technical things are sorted out. QR codes for contact tracing on entering the hall, and using hand sanitiser which is provided when arriving and leaving. Everything is already organised for our first meeting next Wednesday. Nothing was mentioned about Noah's raven. See my answer above.
  5. At the moment we have no covid and no restrictions here and life has been totally normal for a long time. This is because our premier has kept our borders shut to the rest of the country except for essential servies - and Brother Tony of course. Once our borders open we will have restrictions because Covid is bound to arrive and the premier has said masks and space restrictions will be put in place. It seems like we're doing everything in reverse here. 🙄🙃
  6. I will put my hand up to stay home and participate on Zoom. 😁 I'm happy to let all the extroverts take over the hall.
  7. Thank you so much for this information Carlos. It has made me feel so much better. 💖 I expect all this will be covered in the expanded information on Wednesday night.
  8. Those are all NOR . I am SOR but mine is also included and I am sure there are others as well. It will be interesting to see how many. Maybe 3 NOR and 3 SOR.
  9. I'm in Perth Western Australia. Really? 😭 I'll swap with you. Maybe they aren't going to announce yours till mid-week meeting? I'm hoping for certain qualifications so I can stay on Zoom a while longer. It has sent my anxiety into overdrive. We aren't starting this week. We will get further information on Wednesday, so maybe next weeks WT meeting.
  10. Just had the announcement after the WT that we will be resuming in person meetings. I would imagine that will include the rest of the state as we have been living a normal life here for the majority of the time the pandemic has been raging around the world. We will be finding out more at the mid-week meeting on Wednesday.
  11. I think sometimes people do things instinctively. She could have just been focused on getting her dog back and may not have thought about how hot it was.
  12. The secret wealth and dealings of world leaders, politicians and billionaires has been exposed in one of the biggest leaks of financial documents. Some 35 current and former leaders and more than 300 public officials are featured in the files from offshore companies, dubbed the Pandora Papers. Among others: The leaked financial documents show how the King of Jordan secretly amassed a property empire in the UK and US worth more than £70m (over $100m). ........ a network of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and other tax havens used by Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein to buy 15 homes since he assumed power in 1999. Members of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's inner circle, including cabinet ministers and their families, secretly own companies and trusts holding millions of dollars. Azerbaijan's ruling Aliyev family have secretly acquired UK property using offshore companies. The files show how the family - long accused of corruption in the European nation - bought 17 properties, including a £33m office block in London for the president's 11-year-old son Heydar Aliyev. Even Tony and Cherie Blair have been mentioned though apparently what they did wasn't illegal, just hypocritical!!!! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-58780465 Some eye watering amounts of money have been squirreled away because world leaders have taken advantage of offshore accounts and loopholes in the law while people barely exist in abject poverty. The corruption is mind boggling but continues to reinforce why this system so desperately needs to be gone.

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