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  1. I have just done that. Thanks for bringing that article in.@Hope and @thesauron mentioned this point earlier and i found it very interesting,but i needed a scripture or material from the FDS that supports this to make me agree.
  2. parents may decide to use their authority to help their children to make good marriage choices.we know Abraham played a very significant role in choosing a wife for isaac (Isaac was no doubt an adult). So i think until a child finally gets married,the parents are scripturally authorised to have a say in their marriage choices or other decisions. unless if the parents choose not to intervene,or better still,the adult child may respectfully appeal to their parents to allow them to make their own choices so that they can be happy in the marriage.
  3. It makes sense when children get married, i can think of scriptures to support that. but about not being under you parents authority when you're an unmarried adult doesn't seem scriptural to me,since i cannot think of any verse to support that. I think a better way to put it is that parents may decide to give unmarried adult children freedom to make their own decisions (which is a fine thing on the part of the parents). but it will seem presumptous if unmarried adult children declare themselves free while their parents are still alive. It seems logical that parental authority only ceases when; >adult children get married or >when parents are not alive or >when parents use their authority in a way that opposes Jehovah.
  4. one of nigerias richest pastors just past away leaving so much wealth behind.it is on the news that there is so much struggle on who is to take over the church. some of these pastors own as much as three private jets and private universities and glamorous estates while impoverished church members suffer out of lack.
  5. Immortality sounds awesome.It may seem like to be rich has its own downsides.the fear of passing away someday and living everything behind is certainly not appealing-Ecclesiastes 1:14.
  6. I agree. he demonstrates an impressive line of reasoning.would sure be an interesting field service partner.
  7. The problem is not usually about marrying a JW specifically,but rather parents may have other qualities which they expect or desire. Some non-witness parents are very understanding and are mainly concerned about the behavior of the wife-to-be or suitor.if it is a good person,they give their consent.but if they are not comfortable with the person they ask you to end the relationship. The bible gives parents authority over their children,the same way it gives the husband authority over the wife. It is true that some non-witness parents may be harder to deal with. the would-be couple will usually have to alienate themselves from the extended families to proceed with the marriage. the extended family may not recognize the union but at least the marriage registry does (if they sign papers.). however,one's conscience may have to struggle with the thought of having been disobedient to parents. how can someone justify that? at what point does the authority of parents over their children cease? is it proper to elope?
  8. to elope is harder here because people like to maintain close ties with extended family members.
  9. If they elope,then they won't be married.they will just be cohabiting instead. Marriage in my place is mainly by consent of parents.signing of papers is not necessary except for couples intending to travel abroad. A traditional event is used to signify full parental consent.papers are not needed and not usually recognized. which means even if lovers elope and get papers,the community may still see their relationship as an abominable one.It is not usually adviceable for christians to do that unless they have to live very far away from the community.
  10. you are correct,Sister Shannie.i have realised that no place is completely safe as long as it is under satans world. so we have to be careful always as everywhere in this world have its own peculiar dangers.
  11. I may want to add 'good health' to that list if you allow me. you really can't enjoy going places if motion gets you sick. and kindly remember to share photos please,thanks in advance.
  12. You are very correct. Christian parents usually have a more considerate view of marriage requirements. however it becomes very challenging if the kinsmen of the girl's father are largely nonwitnesses. this is because it is the kinsmen who take charge in negotiating the girl's marriage requirements and bride price,not the girl's father. which means that a christian father cannot simply give his consent for the marriage until the demands of his kinsmen are met.,otherwise it may incur serious ostracism on him and his family. so what a christian father does is to try the much he can in appealing to his kinsmen to get some considerations for the suitor.
  13. Im not sure how marriage got this easy in your place, but i admire it. some people have argued though that divorces are very high in foreign countries because marriage is not made to look like a serious thing. so people see it as something they can easily enter and come out of when they are no longer comfortable. im not sure if really there is a relationship. On the other hand,Some have supported that keeping marriage requirements very high is good because it makes marriage a no-go area for someone who is not really prepared for it.they believe that the rigorous marriage requirements serves to determine the worthiness of a man to keep a wife and properly take care of a family. common experience has shown that girls who simply elope with their boyfriends end up being deserted by those men after having kids for them. and some suffer serious domestic violence from those men. surprisingly because of bad experiences alot of women support this idea that marriage shoud not be made very easy for men.they also feel that a man can only prove that she is really valueable to him if he is willing to follow the difficult requirements. but i hope things really get easy in the future because i really feel concern for the men.Job is scarce,even for those working,the salary is very meager. I visited one of my congregation elder yesterday.he lost his wife after three kids and he is still a young man and would want to marry again but he has changed jobs three times because payments is too small to even support him and his family.
  14. I agree,infact the bride price can get outrageously high in some places especially in eastern nigeria. some men had a very bad experience with the covid lockdown in nigeria.after several months of savings to pay for bride price,the lockdown made them to spend all the money for feeding instead.now they have to start saving all over again. that is sufficiently humiliating i guess.
  15. about the bride price,it seems people feel differently about it.but im sure alot of men will like that practice repealed.but i doubt the women will like it. the women don't like to look cheap,and to not have the bride price paid makes alot of them feel that way.atimes they even get taunted by friends.some even give the man the money to pay the bride price if the man cannot afford it (which is commendable),alot of women who are rich actually help the men out during payment for the marriage requirements. im not sure if there are places where men marry today without paying the bride price.it will be nice to know how they do it.

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