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  1. It was just an oversight remembering that most of our GB members are up in age! [emoji3590] Voni in NC
  2. Thank you all because that’s what I did! I believe she will most likely think twice if that was to come up again! Voni in NC
  3. Hi friends, I have a question. I was paying two sisters to help me pack up to move, and take the donate box to the Hospice store. Yesterday, I ran across two mattress covers (things I usually sale online), one was still in new PKG, $10 was the price. So I asked both sisters if they needed them. One said NO, the other one said " Why not sell it for 1/2 price? Ok good idea so I put it back into "items to sell" box! Well when it was about time for them to leave, the sister who said she had no use for it, walked out of the garage with the one tagged $10. So I thought about it and started to wonder if she mistakenly thought it was for hospice. So I called her today to ask if they saw it while dropping off the donated items. At first she said NO! I said where is it then? She said "I have it!" I said to her "you said you had no use for it", so in my mind it was going for sale. She said to me "You asked if I wanted it",and I said "And you turned down the offer" So the conversation went to a lot of "I'm sorries." I told her the idea is to communicate with me so I won't be looking for something down the road and it's not there. I'm having I'll feelings about asking her to help me in the future! That to me could be labeled as a "small" thing. I'm totally confused. Please tell me what you guys would have done. Voni ok n NC
  4. I should hope it becomes available in the app store. I don't think I'll ever purchase another Mac. Voni in NC 😊
  5. I have not been able to download anything "jw" related to my Mac Pro. It seems they're all Windows based which of course is in opposition to Mac os. If I'm incorrect on that, and you find a way to do it, please share! Thx Voni in NC 😊
  6. Bro. William, I'm sure they are happy to have you just as we are!
  7. This and many others directing you to www.jw.org, is what comes up with that particular search!!!! Voni in NC
  8. Our COBE used to do that as well for “safety” reasons but now we’ve used the same login for a couple months, I would assume with no issues! Voni in NC
  9. It could be a preference made by the body of elders. They were used when we started using zoom but no longer. All extra features like chat and others have been blocked or disabled. That’s not to say that all congregations have put a block on those things! Voni in NC
  10. Our congregation doesn’t allow them either!
  11. There's a word for them but I cant think of it....pessimistic maybe?😀 Voni in NC

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    Through a sister that came to work in my department and was seated diagonally across from me. We got to know each other and before began to discuss the bible. Before long, we met for lunch and continued talking about the bible. Little did I know I was having a bible study. it progressed from there and here I am 26 yrs later.

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    Being a servant of the Almighty God Jehovah. And a good theocratic experience.
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    of course the NWT and Theocratic publications.
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    Theocratic songs, and old music, some new music!
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    Anything theocratic related! I don't watch a lot of secular movies because they're distasteful. But I do like old Susan Hayward movies.

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