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  1. On the flip side, I increased the font to the biggest size on my Max and it still comes up side by side in landscape mode. Don’t know why two phones, same model, same OS don’t handle it the same way. Where’s the setting? Is there one?
  2. Thank you. All the phone have the Bible study, the difference is some open the marginal references in a page by itself and not on the side. Same OS, same model but different ways that the marginal references appears. On my phone it opens on the side of the Bible so I can see both at the same time. On my wife’s phone it opens the marginal references on a whole different page. Can’t see the Bible until she hits ‘back’.
  3. Is there a setting so one can see the marginal references on the side like above? IOS IPhones A few of the friends have the same phone and some can see the references on the side and others can’t. Phone XR, 12 Max, 13 Max and 11 regular it works. Others with 13 Max and 13 Pro it doesn’t show on the side.
  4. For regular pioneer, the secretary should take a look at the S-135 for help. Also, publishers can still use hard copy applications. It’s way easier though if publishers submit via online. S-205 can be printed
  5. Update: Wife: Day after 2nd vaccine, missed 1 day of work due to fever, body aches, chills and a headache. Back to work and feeling a lot better today. Myself: Practically no side effects, was a little sluggish the morning after but went away by noon.
  6. Received my 2nd Moderna vaccine this morning. Two friends (1 pfizer:1 moderna) both experienced fever, chills and body aches with their 2nd dose. Will update here if I feel anything, So far I don’t know of anyone not wanting the vaccine, At this point we all know someone that has died of COVID that I have spoken with.
  7. In Tijuana, heard there is a hall that many stand to sing with the mics on. You can imagine the camera angle and the quality of singing via Zoom.
  8. We've been using Google Drive for the past 4 year. It's been great and really useful now with our current situation. Also testing JW Schedule, l don't like the way it prints out the CLM schedule. Wish it would print out 1 week per page. As far as everything else, it works great.
  9. February 03 I’m scheduled for 2nd dose at same clinic. Not sure how it works on making sure it’s the same vaccine, the nurse (or MA) gave me a card with info on it.
  10. Anyway to print a CLM schedule that looks similar to KHS? One week per full page I’ve been using it but haven’t switched yet from KHS.
  11. I was vaccinated last night, feeling great. I don’t work in healthcare but it was either throw out the last 6 vaccines or find people. Clinic started calling friends and family and good I was about 7 minutes away when called.
  12. An option is to get the new Apple with the M1 chip. Maybe someone that has that computer can chime in and let us know how it’s working.
  13. Love our iMac, camera works great with low light. Running KHS and JW library via Parallels.
  14. We have two elderly brothers who have a difficult time with gallery and looking for digital hands. Brother in charge of spotlighting would spotlight the person that wants to comment. Then once the elderly brother conducting sees the spotlighted publisher, he calls on him/her. Way better than hearing a voice calling on the person.

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