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  1. The other "good part" think about the possibility of a "Bible study" Paradise right there in the home with granddaughters and son! 🙂
  2. Hello friends, Trying to set-up Zoom for the meetings on MacBook Pro. Daughter bought New MacBook and sold wife her old MacBook. *I know technology but I'm an Android user and Do not take the time out to understand Apple,IOS, Macbooks or anything else related to Apple. Main Technical issue she's having right now. (1) No Speaker Audio—> She can hear the friends and everything else is working okay but when she try to give a comment she Can Not be heard—>She was unmuted and brothers checked Audio on their end and everything was okay. (2) I tried to troubleshoot to figure out how to solve this Audio technical issue on my end but and become a little frustrated trying to come up to speed with the learning curve using Apple, IOS, Macbooks. (3) I'm sure it may be something very simple to resolve. However, me being an Android user can not offer wife technical assistance to resolve issue. (4) I usually approach resolving technical issues when I troubleshoot by starting at the beginning rather than trying to figure out the problem in mid-stream. (5) My first thoughts from a technical standpoint were: a) Does she have the correct version of zoom downloaded on her MacBook? b) Where do you download the correct version for Zoom meetings on a Macbook? c) Apps to download in Apple Store look different than what I use on Android and Not sure which version of Zoom to download if that's part of the technical issue? d) Lasting, my frustration with the learning curve understanding Apple devices, features, how to navigate to get there. I need friends help and a simple step-by-step quick tutorial walk through to make sure settings are set-up and enabled correctly and making sure correct version of Zoom is downloaded on her MacBook and to make sure everything is setup and working properly so friends can hear her and comment at meetings and participate and have share during meeting with FS group. Any assistance is always greatly appreciated. Thnx. —yb, Manny
  3. The Sister's "My Self-Isolation Quarantine Diary." is Too Funny! She has a great sense of humor and creative writing to come up with entires like that to place in her Diary...
  4. Hahaha...Bro. Richard I laughed so hard after reading your post you had me in tears. Through all this Madness I have to find a way to keep my sense of humor and laugh to keep from actually crying being weighed down with a heavy heart with everything I hear and see the friends going through. —My youngest daughter 25 yrs old is a Nurse, married, 2 year old grandson, inactive right now, home from work Quarantine sick with systoms. —She live hundreds of miles away from my wife and I, can't see her, can't fly there, can't drive there, can't hold and comfort her, my wife is an emotional wreck at times, I have to stay strong and keep my emotions under control. —Relying on Jehovah, prayer, hold my wife during these critical times and reassure her through Jehovah's word at Isaiah 41:10 that Jehovah wants us to do 3 things only. (1) Stand Still (2) Remain Calm (3) Rely on Jehovah —So I have to find time to laugh and keep my sense of humor to keep from crying Bro. Richard. —Your post was Too Funny!
  5. Hello Friends, I wanted to share some Humor with you about my wife and I and my parents. My wife and I have been married for 27 years we love each other dearly and both of us are faithfully serving Jehovah. —I wouldn't consider us the couple who are "Joined at the Hips" so to speak. Well the other day I showed my wife this video and she told me "it's a good thing we can go outside for walks and exercise during this lockdown of the Coronavirus because that's where you would find me hiding out in the closet because of to much "togetherness" with you" (Jokingly) and all this time I thought she loved having me home, because before we stop our ministry I was always out in field service full time. —I then forwarded the video to my parents who have been married 52 years and my mom thought the video was hysterical. She told me that after they watched the video together she turned and looked at my Dad and told him "any day now you may find me hiding out in the closet" she said my Dad told her "I don't get it!" She told me that "all she could do was look at your father and turn over in bed and go to sleep" Too Funny! https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=YLutlC7t5Cs The Madness—Quarantine Day 12
  6. Thank You friends problem solved following the suggestions given. What a beautiful organization we have! We're like a Wikipedia of Bible truths for those searching for mankind's problems by using Jehovah's word as a guide for daily living and a compass to direct our way in life. —Here on this forum we use the large data base of spiritual resources we have stored awaythrough publications, books, videos, FS, God's word the Bible. —I am so grateful to be apart of a loving family here and throughout Jehovah's organization. No matter what subject or topic we need help with from Jehovah's creation to computer technology we can find answers and suggestions here. —It's encouraging to know we have a safe haven here that we can turn to where we can find Bible based solutions and answers and provide us with insight and encouragement. —In metropolitan witnessing we call that "internal witnessing" friends encouraging each other—we need encouragement also the same way we provide encouragement to those we encounter in our ministry bcoz we have bad days and good days just like anyone else. Thank You, my dear Sisters and Brothers... yb, —Manny
  7. Maybe it's just me..I just don't recall always seeing a bold line when I hover the arrow cusor over the Google search box or any other space I would move my cusor. I guess it's just one of those senior moments I'm having right now and a bold line would always appear when I hover arrow cusor over an area where I have to type information. Thanks for helping me friends I really appreciate it when we have problems when can always come here to receive the encouragement and support needed. yb, —Manny **I tried pressing insert while typing and the mysterious bold line always appear when I hover cusor over an area where I have to type information. Thanks friends!
  8. Carlos I'm using my laptop now, it's not the blinking line after each letter you type but my cusor that looks like an arrow when I move it around, when I hover that cusor over the Google search box that's when it turns into a bold line and the arrow cursor disappears... Okay I will try to press insert key one time while typing...
  9. Hello Carlos, What I'm trying to explain is: —I have a touch pad HP laptop, I was wiping off the keyboard keys and I must have pressed on a key that caused the blinking line that you see right now as you're typing a word. —Behind each letter we type on a keyboard there's a blinking line. Somehow that blinking line after each letter has turned into a bold black blinking line after each letter. —When I move my cursor into the Google search box where https: is located well when I type each letter that same blinking line that's behind each message we send here or email it's still a thick bold blinking line I and it creates a problem for me when I'm typing. —The bold blinking line you see as you're typing after each letter, somehow has created a problem when I type a letter that blinking line sometimes won't allow me to type the next letter and when that happens I have to move my arrow cusor in front of the bold blinking line in order to keep typing out a word rather than the blinking line should be behind each letter I type it's in front of each letter I type.. —I how that help explain things better Carlos bcoz I'm beginning to confuse myself trying to explain it. "My brain hates me right now"
  10. I was cleaning off my keyboard while it was turned on and I think I accidentally pressed on a key that caused this problem..
  11. Friends can someone help me with removing bold insert line when I move my cusor into Google search box or any other research I might be looking for. I'm using an hp laptop evny.
  12. I usually provide brothers in my local area and friends I know in other States here in the U.S. with gently worn quality Men suites for $50. You're welcome to check out my webpage. Just send me a pm and I'll show you the variety of Suits and sizes I have available. —I just happened to stumble across this post and it took me a while to decide to make a comment bcoz I have never advertised my "Men Closet of Suites for Brothers" here on the forum. —You can search through my collection of Suits by visiting my webpage. You can open a free account and surf through the collection of clothing available there. —The name of the website is called Poshmark.com If you open a free account type in my (username: Dustparticle 2) and it will lead you to my webpage Closet of Suites that brothers purchase from me I know. —You also can receive a $10 coupon off Suits in my closet if I were to email you my webpage link. You'll be surprised at the quality of Suits I provide brothers at a price of $50. —Just pm me if you're interested in the $10 coupon that you can apply towards my selection of suites I have available. yb, —Manny
  13. Hello friends I have a variety of Gently Worn Quality used men's suits in different sizes for $50 and dress sport jackets $25, ties $18, dress slacks $14. If you have an interest please send me a pm to view my selection of items. Thnx. yb, —Bro. Manny
  14. Ahh, Thanks my dear brothers for your help and assistance. I'm back online. I will take a look at that QR code functionality feature this morning when I get to the KH. Thnx.


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    North Carolina
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    A neighbor of mine who was a brother and my best friend when I was a teenager who lived 4 homes up the street from me introduced me to the truth. Then I took a long journey through life before I got baptized in 1994. My Journeys through life experiences taught me some Important lessons on how Cold the world can be out there. I would always run into the brother that studied with me years ago before I was baptized and everytime we would run into each other he would always say to me "it's Cold out there isn't it, are you ready to come in where it's warm? I would (smile) at him and say back "I just love stabbing myself all over with many pains!" and (smile) again at him until we crossed paths again at a convention in Hampton, Va. and we walked up to each other and gave each other a hug, and then I told him about the story of my journey through life and finally said to him that day "it was time for me to come on in where it was warm because it was too Cold out there for me and I was tired of jabbing that knife deeper because the pain was to much for me to bear." (figuratively) I got the point and he did also, he knew me well, before he came into the truth we both own the streets. We were both college graduates and street smart but I had to learn through my journeys and life lessons what being Humble meant. It was crystal clear to me the meaning of humility on the day I came up out of the water when I was baptized that I knew my life journey had ended and I was beginning a new journey through life filled with hope, promise, purpose, love, protection, and the warm loving care and comfort from our God and loving father Jehovah. I am so thankful to Jehovah that he never gave up on me!

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    I'm an amateur photographer, I love going fishing when I have the time. The field ministry is my number one interest and Love. The ministry and the friends breathe new life into me when I'm tired or feeling low. I love taking road trips with my wife, associating with the friends and having them over for dinner, grilling, beach, traveling when I can...
  • My favorite books
    #1 Bible... I'll read books that will give me personal growth and help me understand people better. I'm always about self improvement on a spiritual level and personal level.
  • My favorite music
    Smooth Jazz, Soft Rock and some Country music.
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    I can only say my favorite movies are comedy, drama, mystery, adventure, old classics...
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    Heb.10: 24,25 "Iron sharpens Iron" let us always continue to encourage each other.

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