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  1. These front page articles are usually part of the More Topics article series in JW Library. They are always worth your while to read. Great spiritual food just in time.
  2. “Taking the example of the Spanish flu, which happened just over a century ago, people who didn't die from it had a greater probability of developing neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's later in life.”
  3. Will people who have contracted Covid will inevitably fall victim to brain problems? Is it reversible? https://www.rfi.fr/en/france/20211022-eu-research-reveals-long-term-brain-damage-caused-by-covid (RFI is a French news broadcaster)
  4. Regular shoes are fine, though. High heels might “look good” but aren’t a necessity and are quite bad for you.
  5. It is not really a political issue here whether vaccine should be used. The state offers it for free, and urges you to accept it if possible. It is with some amazement we have watched the US make it political whether you should listen to science and good medical practice.
  6. Some congregations under the Scandinavia branch have been selected to enter this pilot test. In the end, some, all, or no congregation might go back to meetings at the Kingdom Halls. It remains to be seen after this test.
  7. The reminder is poignant. “With Jehovah on our side, we have no reason to fear the days ahead. Our God will never forsake us as long as we put his interests first in our lives. To remind us of the need to prepare now for the difficult days ahead and to trust that Jehovah will never forsake us, the Governing Body has chosen Psalm 34:10 as our yeartext for 2022.” https://www.jw.org/finder?srcid=jwlshare&wtlocale=E&prefer=lang&docid=2022240&par=26
  8. I found two articles in the Watchtower for January 2022 that I especially appreciated. One is an article about Jesus’s younger brother. https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&docid=2022241&srcid=share The other an article about what we can learn from Jesus’ tears. https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&docid=2022244&srcid=share What have you found?
  9. Time for a Research Guide update? Last English was 2019. Last Swedish was 2018…
  10. This is one reason why we do not circulate talks, no matter how “good” they appear to be.
  11. You need to make a sound, medical decision - not based on social media, and take into account the biblical principles. Since there are so many conflicting reports on the vaccine and the pandemic as a whole, our brothers, who love us, share with us what they have found. Some states mandate vaccination - for some or everyone. In that case, we comply. As for the rest, vaccination combined with cleanliness and social distancing seems to be the best guard we have against this pandemic.
  12. Not all food is organically grown. But it is true that the food at bethel, wherever you go on earth, is always of high quality.

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