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    Short version: My mum started studying when I was 8 or 9 - she was met in the house to house ministry. I was still living with my dad then but I would meet the sisters my mum studied with when I went to visit her. I went to my first meeting during that time. I then found out that one of the students in secondary school was a JW. So we started studying the My Book of Bible Stories book once a week. For some years the relationship with my dad wasn't great so when I was 13 I decided to move back in with my mum. At that time she had stopped studying but would still receive the magazines and be in touch with the sisters. I wanted to start studying properly so that's what I did, with a sister from the same hall. It wasn't easy to begin with as I come from a dysfunctional family background with not much parental guidance - So I loved to learn about the truth but putting it into practice was a whole different ball game. But looking back I realise that Jehovah really helped me to get my life on track - I don' t know where I would be now without him. Don't let your family background determine your life course and your personality.

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    Walking in the Peak District and other beautiful landscapes - Enjoying Jehovah's creation. Singing. Fixing things. Be with good friends with good food. I love cooking.
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    The Bible (of course)
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    Anything Period/Costume Drama related
    The secret life of Walter Mitty
    Napoleon Dynamite
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    By this we will know that we originate with the truth, and we will assure* our hearts before him regarding whatever our hearts may condemn us in, because God is greater than our hearts and knows all things.+ 1 John 3:19, 20

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  1. I can't even start to imagine what it would be like to get killed in a fire. It reminds me of the Grenfell tower disaster in London last year. This is so heartbreaking I just looked at the Wikipedia list of Californian wildfires in 2018 and I can't believe there were so many. Some are not even reported in the news much. We can only pray for our brothers and sisters and those other poor people who have lost everything. It must be so difficult!
  2. Well the the point is that you can message several people at once. SMS can do that but it's not always reliable (I often get people telling me that they didn't get my message when I sent a bulk SMS). Also, once you have established a group, several people can reply and communicate with each other - this can be useful for a pioneer group or a party invite. Or if you stay in touch with people abroad. We often get updates for the ministry group or traffic problems etc. Once you start using it you never get back to the old method. I agree, if you only have to text one person, fair enough.
  3. One of my American friends told me they don't use it in the US and I am their only contact on WhatsApp πŸ˜‚ @Brandon I am using Telegram with my husband and he tried to persuade our Chinese congregation to move over but nobody did. The power WhatsApp has will surely be abused at one point. And I don't entirely believe that they use encryption either although they say so. At the moment it is still very useful. But I feel come the GT we want our old dumb phones back 😁
  4. Try one thing for me. Go to "clean disk space" and then click on "clean up system files". If Win10 was installed over your old operating systems you might have a good chunk of Windows installation files you can clear safely from there.
  5. There is a sweet sister in my neighboring congregation - she approached the witnessing cart about 3 years ago. Her story is pretty amazing - she's been through all sorts before she came into the truth. Long story short: She is tattooed from her chin down (literally - entire neck, chest, arms, legs - and they are very colorful). So she wears a lot of scarfs and long sleeves in the scorching sun (not that we have much of that here in the UK but still...). Her ex-boyfriend is a tattoo-artist. She witnesses a lot informally and many who are very much into tattoos actually are happy to talk because of her appearance. They are curious why a witness would have tattoos (and so many!) and want to know why she became a witness. Despite her attempt to cover them up they are still quite obvious. She has mixed feeling about this as she feels that people are quite superficial for only wanting to talk because of her appearance but she realizes that they are imperfect, worldly people and sees it as an opportunity to give a witness and tells them why she regrets having them done. She was able to start a lot of studies - a lot of them would have never spoken to one of our "boring" un-tattooed brothers....lol Unfortunately some youngsters in the truth admire her tattoos and go on about how they would get one if they weren't witnesses so she tells them that it's is good that they still listen to the advice not to get one but that their admiration for her tattoos is misplaced - and then goes on to tell them how much she regrets having them done. I was actually quite surprised to see YPA articles about tattoos (and plastic surgery) - is this something that existing brothers and sisters need to be counselled on?
  6. Funny this.. I did the test last year due to my rather ungermanic looks and not knowing my mum's family very well. Her dad looked very dark. The first time I got my results I had a good chunk of Eastern Europe (mainly Balkan regions) which didn't surprise me. I just noticed I missed the update so I downloaded it. They have narrowed down the European results to regions rather than just "Western Europe" which I like. What surprised me is 8% Sweden which shows up as an isolated country. Also, Eastern Europe has been reduced to 8%. But understable since that set of DNA probably came from my grandfather and is slightly diluted. I am also disappointed that Europe South has disappeared.. bohooooo..You can see my before and after results here:
  7. Sounds amazing! 55.000 sounds do-able but time consuming.. lol.. but I think I should also do some intervall training on the treadmill at the gym with some incline.
  8. So I decided to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge at the end of this month. I am doing it with a few friends and although I am used to a fair amount of walking I am really not very fit at the moment. I wanted to start hitting the gym starting beginning of September but then I fell sick and I am not sure if there is any point now. The issue isn't so much the distance but the terraint. I have really good equipment and just recently done a small hike without any issues (well it was a bit steep at one point but it was worth the views). Some of my colleagues were unable to complete it last month (you have 12 hours) but one guy has knee issues and it was really warm in August which didn't help. On the other hand I know of a few (ahem.. slimmer) people who made it without even preparing. What do the more experienced hikers think - is it still worth preparing even if it is just two weeks to go?
  9. It's Monday - need I say more?

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      Yes, well done Miss Bea. Good example for all of us.

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      It’s Wednesday here ... but feels like Monday ... still fighting jet lag...

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      I usually say uuggghhh it's Monday and it's morning

  10. We are applying for Berlin. It's my home country and it is cheap as chips to get there from the UK. I also wanted to show my husband Berlin and some of the northern places in Germany. Hubby has also never attended an International convention so we thought that would be nice for him.
  11. I can see your point to an extent. Of course we feel more strongly about it than maybe an outsider. Also the reason why I do not care overly much of the conduct of a Catholic is because I already know that the Catholic Church doesn't have a track record of trying to live up to bible standards anyway. But that's exactly the point, we are not like other religions. And I do know people who expect much more of us than any other religion. But that's beside the point. If it wasn't important how a perceived JW comports themself, we would not have to watch out for our own conduct. After all, if it doesn't matter what Selena is doing, what's the big deal if I start doing things not quite the right way? I know that if I started a relationship with my worldly workmate and turn up at the yearly Christmas party, people at work would be rather puzzled about my conduct. The issue is not just that I would not be doing Jehovahs will and sinning against him but how I would contribute to Jehovahs reputation. Of course I could turn around and think that people will have an opinion no matter what (and some people do) . But that's not entirely true. If people feel drawn to the truth because of our exemplary conduct the opposite can also be the case if we totally step out of line. When I say that honest hearted people can see through this, that is true to an extent. That doesn't mean that a person who is taken aback by Selinas example is not honest hearted but they might already have a negative opinion about the hypocrisy of mainstream religions due to personal experience - thanks to Babylon the Great. We want to stand out as different, not be mixed in with other religions.
  12. Sorry when I read your question it was 3 am in the morning and I couldn't sleep because of a banging cold.. must have misconstrued your question for "do they know how to pronounce it originally".. πŸ™‚
  13. I used to be vegetarian - even vegan for 1.5 years - so can speak for both camps. I still don't eat much meat but a combination of moving house and inconvenience plus a stomach ulcer led me back to incorporate some lighter meat options. When I was vegan I ended up eating way too much sugar and processed substitutes for cheese, milk and meats. I know that was my own fault of course but I often struggled to keep up with all the home cooking and making my less processed vegan substitutes. I am also not a massive fan of lentils and pulses which doesn't help. Then I went vegetarian to open up more unprocessed options. But I found myself bingeing on cheese.. lol. Not a good idea. At the end of last year I had a lot of stomach troubles and tried to incorporate lighter meals with fish or chicken and veg - coupled with the fact that people in the North of England sometimes struggle to think beyond the "meat/potatoes/two veg" concept I didn't want to trouble my hosts. So I started eating meat when being invited out. Especially in the Chinese field it can make life a life a lot easier as modern Chinese people don't really understand why you would not eat meat by choice and I got tired of explaining myself and why chicken powder is not a vegetarian option.. lol When it comes to judging, I can only speak for my area. Nowadays there are so many vegetarians that few people bat an eyelid. Veganism is also becoming more popular and there is always someone at a gathering who is intolerant to dairy or gluten so there are sometimes options (although very restricted) when going to a party. However, when I became vegan, people started asking me questions (I never mentioned it) because when we were going out it was quite obvious. I never knew people were so interested in what other people put into their mouths.. lol. So of course I mentioned the reasons for my choices which also included ethical reasons. As soon as you mention that, the first reaction is:"oh I don't eat much meat myself" and a lot of people nodding. And the next thing you hear is that someone starts sneering about you behind your back, telling everyone what a weirdo you are and that you are pushing your views onto others. So in my experience when hard and fastened omnivores complain about vegans/vegetarians pushing their views onto others it's probably because you asked them or made a silly comment about their food choices in the first place. Before going vegan and after coming off I never had a veggie coming up to me sneering at me eating chicken wings. They usually only start talking about their diets when being asked or commented at (try and observe your own behaviour next time you complain about that.. you'd be surprised πŸ™‚ ) . Also, in my experience whenever you do something that makes people feel outside their comfort zone (mainly because they know they should probably make adjustments themselves) they feel patronised already by your actions without you ever having said a word. So please live and let live. I always cater for vegetarians but don't expect others to do the same. I am not sure what the big fuss is to be fair - you just take the meat out. We have Google after all! One anecdote before I go: When I was vegan I got invited by a youngish couple in my congregation (one of them who actually made very silly comments about my choices) and I am not sure if they did it out of ignorance or to make a point but all they served me was a big bowl of salad leaves with a vinaigrette and a bowl of canned chickpeas. I didn't say anything but I was a little bit surprised. I think you can strike a balance between going completely out of your way and just being very pig headed (excuse the pun). By the way they just sat there and watched me eating it without eating anything themselves. It was beyond weird. But hey, it's the thought that counts πŸ˜…
  14. They wouldn't know. For one, modern Hebrew is very different to ancient Hebrew. It had basically died out when it had a revival in the early 1900's (similar to Welsh). The guy who resurrected the language had to painstakingly dissect ancient literature to create a dictionary. But due to a lack of written vowels in the language it wasn't very easy to figure out the original pronunciation. You can read a little bit about it here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revival_of_the_Hebrew_language Which also explains the problem with the pronunciation of God's name. Due to a lack of written vowels (they would still be pronounced but nobody would actually write them.. imagine the English pronunciation "Jehovah" only being written in English as: Jhvh) in ancient Hebrew coupled with the Jewish superstition that God's name should no longer be uttered (That happened when ancient Hebrew was still alive and kicking) the correct pronunciation got lost over time. So even modern Hebrews wouldn't really know the correct way of pronouncing it - If they knew, we could finally lay this discussion with people who insist that it was probably a different pronunciation to rest πŸ˜€
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