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  1. We weren't created to live in a imperfect world-
  2. Hi I'm looking for someone who could give me vocal lessons most likely it have to be over Skype or FaceTime; Thank you :-)
  3. Hey everyone I could really use more fans and support on my reverb nation account I'm currently top 15 on the rock charts in my city; reverbnation.com/michaelschriner6 thanks brothers and sisters :-)
  4. Thank you :-) and your right I'm starting out at cafes like Starbucks my focus is just instrumental acoustic ... As for me and Bob as of our band we would probably end up at bar places but nothing wrong with that...
  5. Yeah but even being a secretary can be dangerous; You have the opposite sex of worldly co workers flirting with you and etc or you eating or going out to lunch with worldly con workers etc... there's spiritual dangers to any job or career... just be careful how you say these things to other witnesses and I'm saying this to everyone in here; I appreaciate everyone's feedback and concern this post was simply to see who would go to one of my shows... Eveyine has there own accounting to Jehovah; :-)
  6. Even if a witness did touring locally that would not be wrong but up to their conscience; Did you look at my SoundCloud?
  7. Right I have the common sense not to blow off meetings and etc... but I'm on planning on playing at cafe type venues like Starbucks.
  8. Thanks everyone for all your feeedback and I would appreciate anyone's help brother and sisters I am blessed with my god given talent I will not put it to waste
  9. Please check out my music at soundcloud.com/Michael-Schriner looking for support and to one day make this a full time living
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