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  1. How in the world did no one notice… if they ever printed some plates like that before they corrected the mistake, the plates with the error would be worth some money later on…
  2. Just noticed the August 2021 Watchtower just has study articles too 🙂
  3. I thought it was interesting that the first article said that we may be attacked by gog in our homes. That’s the first time I had read anything like that. I too liked that picture of the angel coming to Jesus’ aid. I’m looking forward to studying the one about Jesus’ tears.
  4. Yeah, we do that from time to time. The September 2021 Watchtower has just study articles too 🙂
  5. My mom likes this movie along with the Jane Austen books and movies.
  6. I want to laugh but I’m not sure if he has special needs. Did someone edit/add the parts where they were complimenting him on his voice and said he won?
  7. Maybe she should do this instead 😆
  8. I would have done the same because maybe this would have thought her a lesson. The way I see it, her having to pay $60,000 will most likely stop her from feeding bears and human life is worth way more than $60,000. It’s kind of like how I feel about drunk drivers getting a slap on the wrist… unless they have to face severe consequences, they may never learn. And human life is more important than any consequence they have to face…
  9. It’s true that we have a relationship with Jehovah, support, awareness of where we are in the stream of time and a hope for the future. This “cushions” the impact of living in the last days. It definitely helps but we’re certainly affected by it. Some of Jehovah’s people have been affected by abusive people who lack natural affection, earthquakes and other natural disasters, violence, food shortages, fierce people, pestilences like COVID-19 with over 17,000 losing their lives, war and persecution. All features of the last days. These last days are critical times hard to deal with for both the world and Jehovah’s people. We’re just able to endure better and maintain joy.
  10. I like “surprises” when it comes to our conventions. The best convention in my opinion was the remain loyal to Jehovah with the great tribulation videos and Hezekiah drama. I so badly to know the details of the drama that I watched a “leaked” one online as well as the GT basement videos. I felt so bad for doing this because I know I shouldn’t have. The GT tribulation videos and drama were so exciting that if I would have just waited until the actual convention to see them I know I would have enjoyed the convention more. The “element of surprise” would have made those videos more exciting. To this day it is a big regret of mine. Ever since then I told myself that I would never “spoil” another convention again, which is why I don’t go in the convention threads on here until I’ve actually seen the convention. For me I just enjoy them more when I don’t know the details. I know going to the extreme of watching the videos is different, though.

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