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  1. The exact spot you are looking for is this: Google Maps Link I'll add a couple of other intresting places to take good panoramical shots: "Giardino degli aranci" "Lungotevere - Ponte Sant'Angelo" Look also for those places: "Gianicolo" "Pincio" "Villa Borghese"
  2. The ticket to get in the coloseum costs 12 Euros plus 2 euros of reservation. The guided tour for "Sotterranei e Belvedere" costs 9 euros. So if you paid some 23 euros each person you are done, no more payments as far as i can understand.
  3. Please give me the link of the ticket you bought and the exact description. I'll check for you. Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. The "skip the line" tickets are usefoul for places like coloseum or vaticans museum, but normally in all other places you'll be stuck in line just for some minutes. Here in Rome there are a lot of places to visit. After many years i still discover new ones from time to time. It's up to you to choose wich one to visit, all depends on your available time and your preferences. Anyway, like suggested previously, a good place to visit is "Ostia Antica". Is just outside Rome but you can go there in few minutes by underground. Take a good pair of shoes, you are going to walk a lot. Note that if you are low on budget there are also free entrance museums or archeological sites. Let me know if you need help to arrange your schedule. Obviously if you want we can meet somewhere and share a walk in the center of Rome Feel free to contact me in PM.
  5. Adelin, the queue to get in is only the first problem. Vatican Museums are always crowded, expecially in the week-end. If you want to make your visit more enjoyable i suggest you to book your tour in the middle of the week. On what day are you planning to came here in Rome?
  6. Vatican Museums are not included in Roma Pass. If you are looking for a guided tour you should book that specific visit elsewhere.
  7. March is a mid-high for tourist presente here. The secret is simple... for main attractions get up Early and arrive before opening time Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. Greg, The colosseum is often open also in late evening and early nighttime hours. Consider that option too. Less crowded, less hot, more fascinating. I had my night visit last year, fantastic. In summer time you will find also other late opening. I'll check for you as soon as the schedule will be available. Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. I confirm what hatcheckgirl said. Ostia antica is one of my favourite places. I went there just 4 months ago. Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Stay wherever you like, Just avoid train station "termini" surroundings. Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. Usually They are Friends From My old congregation Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. Hi Greg. I Live in Rome If you want i can help You with your schedule. Maybe we can meet too. Let me know. See You Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk
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