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  1. I would not rule out the Bethel Meeting juuussst yet, every country is different and there may still be an announcement about a Bethel Meeting without it being in the program.
  2. I think we can appreciate that the work load that these few men carry is tremendous! and their schedules are something insane, they are devoted in the fullest sense to Jehovah and his organisation. Honestly it was a surprise but not really a surprise (if you know what I mean) to have another brother appointed to the GB. And we can imagine like all big decisions taken, it was probably in the pipeline for months if not years already. We can imagine that they have been deliberating this and asking for Jehovah's direction in this matter for some time already. We saw what an asset bro Sanderson proved to be with dealing with the whole Russia issue, and no doubt Jehovah has plans for this brother too. I would also imagine that the older members of the body would be pleased with this, as I am sure their health does limit what they are able to do, as compared to say 10 or 20 years ago.
  3. Is it just me or are we starting to hear the phrase: "peace and security" more and more?Just the  other day D.Trump used that phrase commenting on his recent visit to Middle East and Asia. 


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    2. skipdaflip


      I always thought it will get interesting when the UN speaks about peace and security. The US can speak about it and is a member of the UN. But I always learned that the UN itself will speak about it. One phrase or several.

    3. nate


      Its good to keep track of what is being said. Helps me keep track of where we are in this system. 

      In my mind though I think the cry of peace and security that is spoken about in the scriptures will be as clear the "disgusting thing standing in the holy place" which was the roman army encamped outside Jerusalem in 66CE. Those who had been keeping on the watch undoubtedly knew that this marked the start of the "GT" in the first century which ultimately led to the complete destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. Those who had been attentive were able to get out in time when the Romans left before they unexpectedly returned in 70 C.E. When we see/hear that cry, we will know that the GT is about to start, and that Babylon the great is about to fall. What a glorious time that will be!   

    4. bagwell1987


      Did you notice the pic during the Book study this week, associated with the paragraph on P&S? It had religious leaders and political members standing in a line, perhaps not a literal thing but it looked to me like it has to be a global agreement between everyone. Been thinking about this because of, like you said, Trump making comments about it.

  4. With South Africa being such a diverse country, we deal with a variety of accents each and every day so it has never really bothered me or anyone else I know. Also it must be stated that of the variety of English accents out there, the American accent i find is one of the easiest to understand, as opposed to a strong Scottish, Irish or Australian accent which can be a bit challenging, specially to those hard of hearing.
  5. This coupled with the points from the AM, really makes me think that the GB expects something big to happen in maybe the next 2 to 3 years. (that's just my personal opinion so please don't quote me on that). I think the current meeting format also allows for much deeper study of each week's reading. (which is good!) but also with us covering the Greek scriptures over two to three years, It could also be a timing thing, that our consideration of various passages of the Greek scriptures will overlap with whatever the situation is at that time. again its purely speculation on my part. But its not completely unfounded....
  6. Hi so while reading through an article on my BBC news app about the visit of Saudi king Salman to Russia I came across an interesting paragraph which set alarm bells off in my head: "We aim to strengthen our relations in the interests of peace and security, in the interests of developing the world economy," the Saudi king responded, according to AFPnews agency. It may not be anything worthwhile at this point, but you never know... Just thought I'd share it with you guys.
  7. That's weird, here in South Africa there is still nothing available in English. Could there be some sort of time delay in making it available across the world?
  8. Hahaha maureen, the joys of living in africa, we have the same problems with potholes here, but we have 2 nuclear plants in south africa. The rest of my country in coal powered.
  9. I personally had 1...till it snapped...but I really didn't feel much of a differance. I've got a chronic back problem so thought it may help, but did nothing. There also so many fakes, you just dunno if you getting the real thing.
  10. I have as yet to go through kwa zulu natal. If I get a chance maybe i'll come pop in. :-) spiritually its just been very hectic, c.o visit, kingdom ministry school, hosting of the c.o and d.o and the upcoming assembly, much to do here. So time is a real luxury.
  11. I'm at the coast here in east london, so if it gets really high, maybe it reaches 35. Where is richmont?
  12. Well on the opposite side of the scale, here in south africa we burning. Its 30'C(i'm guessing bout 70 or 80'F) even at night we're still at bout 20'C(Bout 40 or 50'F i'm guessing)...but hey stay warm and keep safe.
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