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  1. About a year and a half ago I upgraded my 1 TB hard drive on my laptop to a 500G SSD, it was less than $200, and the best money I ever spent. Super-fast startup and no more moving parts, which makes the machine run cooler and with less noise. Programs open at lightning speed! It literally took 5 minutes to swap it out. My 4-year-old laptop is still competing with brand new ones with its original 16 GB ram and now the SSD, Win 10 and Office 365. My last laptop lasted me for over 10 years, before the HD failed. I originally got this HP Pavilion at Costco for less than $700.00, and itโ€™s been a great device, and in fact is actually my main computer at home in my office. I have a dual monitor setup, and itโ€™s awesome. I also have a dual monitor setup at work, I donโ€™t know how anything ever got done with one monitor back in the day. Having the ability to have two calendars open or one calendar and then email, or a word doc on one and the library on the other well, in fact, sometimes I have my tablet on my desk with say the library app open so I can see the parts for the meeting, and then I have a word doc for writing on one of my laptop monitors and then the WT Library program open on the other. Itโ€™s crazy! Truth be told I am probably a little OCD and ADD, and I really think that all the multitasking that we do these days probably has added to that whole thing. I know I have a problem. Lol But again I could never go back to just one monitor. That would be like going back to a black and white TV or rubbing two sticks together when I can use a propane torch.
  2. In nearly 18 years of computers at home and work, I still have never got a virus. Rule no 1 don't click on anything that you are not expecting, don't open any attachments if they are not from someone you know, and even if you know them, are you expecting something from them in the first place? Also hover over email from addresses to see the actual email address, that's a huge clue. Don't be on sites that are not certified, and if your computer tells you that a site is not secure, then chances are it isn't. It's mostly common sense.
  3. Trust me Windows Defender is a great program. I never want to go back to Sophos or any other paid virus protection software. The "so called free trial software", is one of the first things I delete from any new computer I get.
  4. You might need to do a "Restore point" I've had to do that after I had a problem. It rolls the computer back to a date before the problem happened. It's kind of like a time machine for computers. I forgot to add. CCleaner is ok, but I work for a large university, and on the 30,000 machines they have, the Windows Defender program is on every single machine. I've been using it for years and have never got a virus or even malware. And its all free. We used to have Sophos installed but the University finally went with Defender.
  5. I still prefer the HD installed Watchtower library. I find it not only faster, but the copy and paste as well as the extract are awesome. When you copy and paste from the WOL it sometimes jumbles stuff or re-formats the paragraphs. I didn't realize it was a complete download now from JW.org That's great since CD-Rom drives are going away. Anyone remember 1.44 floppy's? lol
  6. Hey Jako, I just tried it and it worked! This is awesome, thank you. I had no idea about this, I will share with all our elders and servants. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. That's the great thing about a windows 10 tablet, you can have both the watchtower library and the JW library App. This is simply in my opinion the best of all devices in one. Another reason I like this new Samsung Windows 10 device is that I can run a true Office 365 as well as the Kingdom Hall Schedules Program. You can, as I understand, run windows on a Macbook but you have to run Bootcamp or some such program that allows a windows type environment. I've been an Android guy for years and love it.
  8. Well since I already sent in a question this week about why we can't add the JW outlook email to our home windows 10 machines and I got a response back already, I don't want to be "That guy" that starts to be annoying to the brothers back east. lol I nominate anyone else. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ
  9. I should have included this picture of 1801 which shows what it used to look like when you could open up the books using the navigation feature.
  10. Greetings all! Say, I just noticed something about the new update in the Watchtower Library. It seems that unless I'm doing something wrong (which could very well be the case, LOL) the new update which is 1901, removed a key research tool for me anyway. I use bible navigation feature to quickly find the books, then the chapters and scriptures I am looking for. However in 1901 it seems that this feature is now gone. I am including 4 pictures, the first two are the 1801 that is still on my Windows 10 Samsung Tablet, and the second set are of the ones from the new 1901 update. Has anyone else ran into this issue?
  11. "A Promise of Perfect Family Happiness" Revision date: 7/14. "How Love and Faith Conquer the World" Revision date: 4/15. "Are You on the Road to Everlasting Life?" Revision date: 8/15. "Rescue From World Distress" Revision date: 11/15. "How Godly Wisdom Benefits Us" This is as close as I could tell. I actually did the special talk 190 which was "A Promise of Perfect Family Happiness"
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