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    I was brought up in the truth and I made the truth my own as a teenager, baptized at age 15.

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    I always have around 3 books on the go at all times - the Bible, something classic such as Jane Austen, and whatever else takes my fancy at the time.
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    True friends are like diamonds: Precious, rare, and you can tell if they are real by biting them.
    There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).

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  1. Today in FS we were out in the country, and we had some good talks with the people we visited. Even the ones who said "No" said it kindly and gently - it is very unusual to go a whole day without at least one person being a little abrupt, but that just didn't happen today. The sister I was partnered with was a little negative at the start of the day, and I had to steer some of our conversations into a more positive channel - but by the end of the day she was feeling much better and we finished with one of her return visits, which ended up being a really lovely experience for both of us. On our way back into town she said that she had considered cancelling this morning as she had been feeling very down and upset about the attacks, but now she is really glad that she came out with the group. Jehovah is really strengthening us all at this difficult time.
  2. The media are releasing some of the names of the ones killed and it just happens that I know one of them in a professional capacity. His company works in the same building as my company, and he and I have liaised a few times on building matters such as a leak in the roof etc. When this first happened I thought that I would not know any of the victims as they are all Muslims - but it turns out that I do. I very much hope that I can meet again him in the new system. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. At least one congregation in Chch has cancelled their service groups for this morning, for safety's sake. Their territory is close to one of the targeted mosques. It is officially a terrorist attack. 49 dead and 42 being treated for injuries. 2 of those injuries are critical and one of those critical is a 4 year old child. I can't even imagine what goes on in the heart of someone who can stand there and shoot a 4 year old child - or any person at all for that matter.
  4. One of the 'reasons' given for the shooting was to show that this kind of thing can happen anywhere in the world. I guess they achieved their goal.
  5. This is in my city .. it feels so unreal right now. I don't think there was any shooting in any hospital, but the mosque on Deans ave is very close to the major public hospital so there may have been some confused reports from nearby neighbours. My parents work in the health industry but not at the hospital (about 5km away from it, and from one of the shooting locations), and they have just been released from lockdown about an hour ago (approximately 5 hours after the shootings began). Schools were let out of lockdown about half an hour before my parents were. The police and media are being very cautious about announcing the death toll and a lot of other information. Breaking news right now says that 40 are dead. One of the shooters live-streamed it to facebook, and beforehand he published a 'manifesto' stating that he was born in Australia, to a lower class family and has had 'extreme views'. It's not real, it doesn't feel real right now.
  6. That is absolutely beautiful Sis Ross .. we can sometimes see the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) from some parts of the South Island of New Zealand too. My mother was brought up on the Otago Peninsula and she vividly remembers her dad waking her up many times in the middle of the night to go out and watch the Southern Lights. I haven't seen them myself yet but apparently there is a good spot for viewing them, about a 40 minute drive from my house - I just need to find out when they will be visible!
  7. I'm the opposite .. I love pumpkin soup but cannot seem to acquire a taste for pumpkin pie. To me, pumpkins are savory and do not taste good as a sweet! I make my pumpkin soup every year with pumpkins from my friends garden, I dice up and roast about half a pumpkin, peel it and blend with a homemade chicken broth, then season as necessary. I like it thick like a chowder, and served with lots of hot buttered toast. It's a very simple but warming and comforting lunch for the winter months. That reminds me .. I must get a batch of chicken stock underway!
  8. Ohhh the wasabi chocolate .. now that brings back some memories! It tasted terrible but it was such fun to try it! Mands do you realise that it was more than 10 years ago that we tried that? I'm liking the sound of the spicy dishes - but not too spicy - I am also not very brave, but I do like a little bit of a kick to my food.
  9. I didn't even have to watch the video to get the song stuck in my head! xx
  10. I just saw this Mands - I remember that tree (although it has been a few years since I have seen it in person!) So sad it has gone I get very attached to trees too, don't know what I would do if my Kowhai tree fell!
  11. Oh I love coffee .. hot, black and strong please! I live quite close to a wonderful company that roasts and blends beautiful organic coffee: https://www.hummingbirdcoffee.com/our-coffees My favourite is the 'Oomph' blend. I always make sure I have plenty of the plunger grind in the house! (except for right now - I have been stuck at home with the flu and I've almost finished my last bag!) At work I have helped to gradually get them away from cheap instant coffee to great freshly ground beans. We still have instant coffee available but our wonderful boss bought us a commercial German coffee machine which is great! It is so good to have excellent coffee to get through the day.
  12. Sister Theresa, you might enjoy Thermal's story:
  13. I have been a reader all my life .. I love books! When I was in kindergarten my favourite area was the library corner. My mother had a difficult time keeping my appetite for reading sated, so at the age of 5 she started me on the classics such as Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Peter Pan and Wendy, and Pinocchio - not picture books but the original unabridged versions. I absolutely loved them and since then I have gone through so many classics I can't even count them! As a child I read all the Enid Blyton books - Secret Seven, Famous Five, Magic Faraway Tree, and then I went on to Nancy Drew, the Hardy boys, Trixie Belden. One of my favourites as a child, that I still enjoy reading now, was The Swiss Family Robinson. Then as a teen my English teacher introduced me to Jane Austen .. and now Pride and Prejudice is my favourite. I have read it at least once a year since I was 15. I love her other books too - Northanger Abbey always makes me laugh. The Bronte sisters are a bit hit and miss with me - love Jane Eyre but I'm not keen on Wuthering Heights. Also I started reading Agatha Christie at a young age and I still enjoy the excellent plot twists in her books. Thank you for starting this thread!
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