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  1. Hi sis yes i`m from Greece, although I live in Denmark now things are bad and getting worse. many of our brothers/sisters are having it very very bad. many of us support each other, and there are many that could and have left greece and immigrated to europe/usa or australia. is there something else you would like to know? regards
  2. Article translation from me - in parentheses are some clarifications of mine for the better understanding of the text: October 21, 2013 BOMB FROM THE TROIKA (=the tri-partisan directorate running Greece since 2010) Lenders seeking to confiscate the property of the Church ...! (=Means the Greek Orthodox Church) Havoc is expected within the Holy Synod (a Greek Church high council) after the decision of the Troika to put their hands on the Church property and funds. According to reports of German journalists, lenders have their eyes on the immense property of the Greek Orthodox Church, specially that of Mount Athos (secluded area in the north of Greece full with monasteries with mythical wealth) and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The Troikans ask for almost all of the property controlled by those three bodies of Orthodoxy in order to accept a reduction of Greek debt! Indeed, world-class international estimator companies are ready to bid to undertake the evaluation of the property of the Holy Synod of Mount Athos and the Ecumenical Patriarchate. If the implementation of this requirement progresses who knows what may be found in the Holy Grail of the Church Finances! This explosive decision from the creditors comes just hours after the unprecedented "directive" of the Ecumenical Patriarch, who advised the Greek citizens to react reasonably against the demands of the creditors. (loosely translated) '-React to the crisis with a spiritual way so that you can become happy people!' he said. In other words: stay hungry, you and your children, while some corrupt institutions of the land will continue to become rich (aka the Church). Thus you can find true happiness!!! Similar are the promises of Muhammad to Muslims who become human bombs: We expect happiness and the Paradise Uri! In a thanksgiving mass held in the Church of St. John the Baptist in Neapoli, (in Thessaloniki) the Ecumenical Patriarch noted that "it is necessary for the Greek people to arm themselves with patience and hope to be able to cope with the difficulties of daily life." He added that "until now true happiness was related repeatedly with economic prosperity. For this reason, if the financial crisis is dealt in a correct and spiritual way it can be a valuable lesson, as real happiness cannot be found in the financial comfort nor in the economic prosperity, nor in the abundance of goods." Lets see now, that lenders ask to put their hands on the property of the Patriarchate, if He will respond equally passive ... [ http://kourdistoportocali.com/post/30700/periousiaeklisias ] = source
  3. Hello Tanya, please tell me, what is the thing that : most people here in Germany don't notice it, even the brothers and sisters ? thank you
  4. Meanwhile in a German Newspaper Sep 2, 2012 - Text below is translation from the original article in German. (Google) - Quote: The topic is: Peace and Security Germany takes over the chairmanship of the UN Security BERLIN. The upheaval in the Arab countries is the focus of the one-month German presidency in the UN Security Council. It will be a focus of Syria made by the former Presidency of France, the most powerful UN body, said the Foreign Office in Berlin. The end of September there will be a special on "Peace and Security in the Middle East" dedicated to Security Council meeting, which will guide Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP). At this meeting on the 26th of September should the Arab League between a special Attention should be given to strengthen relations with the United Nations. The Arab League organization has won in recent years increasing importance in mediating in conflicts such as in Libya. In Syria, the Arab League first conflict had approved sanctions against a member state and made in February with their demand for a UN deployment cleared the way for peacekeepers. Germany's membership in the Security Counsil is over at the end of the year and is seeking a permanent seat in the Counsel. Unquote Original link in German (Page 13) : https://www.hallo-muensterland.de/pdf/hallo-wa-so.pdf Now, I`m not suggesting anything. Interestingly, all the things in regards to the Kingdom of God, took place in Autumn. Enjoy Text in German for anyone interested: Es soll um Frieden und Sicherheit gehen Deutschland übernimmt Vorsitz im UN-Sicherheitsrat BERLIN. Der Umbruch in den arabischen Ländern steht im Mittelpunkt der ein monatigen deutschen Präsidentschaft im Sicherheitsrat der Vereinten Nationen. Dabei werde Syrien ein Schwerpunkt des gestern von Frankreich übernommenen Vorsitzes des mächtigsten UN-Gremiums sein, teilte das Auswärtige Amt in Berlin mit. Ende September soll es eine speziell dem Thema „Frieden und Sicherheit im Nahen Osten“ gewidmete Sicherheitsratssitzung geben, die Außenminister Guido Westerwelle (FDP) leiten wird. In dieser Sitzung am 26. September soll der Arabi schen Liga ein besonderes Augenmerk geschenkt werden, um die Beziehungen zu den Vereinten Nationen zu stärken. Die Organisation Arabische Liga hat in den vergangenen Jahren wachsende Bedeutung bei der Vermittlung in Konflikten wie in Libyen gewonnen. Im Syrien-Konflikt hatte die Arabische Liga erstmals Sanktionen gegen ein Mitgliedsland beschlossen und machte im Februar mit ihrer Forderung nach einem UN Einsatz den Weg für Blauhelme frei. Deutschland, das zum Jahresende aus dem UN Gremium ausscheidet, strebt einen ständigen Sitz an.
  5. Well, people are almost non responsive as before, now they definitely don't have time for the good news. real increase in Greece comes from the foreign sector. People are more aware of whats going on, but they are preoccupied with surviving. as far as the brothers, its very tough. specially in the big cities Athens and Thessaloniki etc they are struggling to make end meet. many brothers leave Greece to seek employment abroad. roughly 60 brothers per month. to be honest, i`m also looking to move out to work abroad. we have legal status here
  6. Just read the story briefly from the list, I couldnt watch the show itself. What a loser and what a waste of life! That sister did not heed to advice, true of course, but not all people end up killed if they dont listen to the elders. They do find themselves in trouble tho and thats a fact. I am really upset after reading this.
  7. maybe you`ll enjoy this from my channel ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbIiLbRzypA
  8. Dear brother and sisters, the situation in Greece might be a bit different that your media in your respective countries depict it. The country has undergone 20 year long deindustrialisation. Yet its remaining sectors are intact and the workforce is still healthy. The mines still can be mined, the earth is not scorched and the sea can yield fish. The supermarkers are full with products and eager sales people try to sell you their stock. what is missing? Its that little paper thingy called cash. Greek monetary supply has undergone the fiercest, fastest, worse supply constriction any other country has even gone through in modern times. Wages and pensions went down 40%, and taxes doubled. Greeks pay taxes. Who says they do not. Actually we have the highest tax% in the whole of euro-zone. It is the big fellas who don't pay taxes. The ones who have cocktails with the ministers... But mind you, if Greece has over spent, lived beyond its means, and tax evaded like there is no tomorrow, why did the euro crisis hit also: Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy? Did they do the same things like Greece? Did they also tax evade or were lazy or crooked like the greeks? I can see one similar thing, and that is the banking system and the monetary system in the euro zone. It is designed to create such situations. you can run surplus of money supply for 10 years, and contract it for a few years, giving the banking system and the huge business rights and concessions on your natural resources, contracting labor rights, and leaving the people with a feeling that its their fault. Plus, with this ingenious ploys, they managed to turn the bank losses into public debt... let the people pay. Banks are too big to fail, so, bail them out. Mind you that not 1 euro of the bail out money ever reached the greek economy. Yet, now the people have to pay all those huge amounts back... because the banks gambled... see the pattern here? Are there shortages in various goods? there are, and it will get worse. Is unemployement high? yes, roughly 22% but it does not account for the working ones who have not been paid for 3 months or more. Will it get worse? Yeap! Brace yourselves. It`s going downhill... I cant help noticing that the australian brother who opened up this thread, used the same rhetoric that the mainstram media uses, I `d be really careful and filter everything that comes out of these tv channels. Currently there are 50-60 brothers leaving Greece every month to seek employment in distant lands. I am myself looking to move out of Greece. I`ll soon join them ranks. This system is not built to help anyone, but to keep people away from Jehovah, keeping them busy with making money and all that. Maybe the way things are, the politicians and bankers will look for the only place left where money still exists... religion, ring a bell?
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