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  1. I have a 2012 Nissan that I've driven for the past two years. Nothing wrong with it and 117k miles. I would like something a little newer with less miles but am not seeing much online right. I was gonna wait until January to get real serious about looking, I hope all the cars haven't been bought as christmas gifts by then.
  2. I just looked it up and the average race horse can run 44MPH. It would probably be slower if they were carrying a family in a carriage. And they probably couldn't continue to run that speed for hours like cars can. In the new world we could have more ecosystem friendly cars.
  3. That's what my mom says. That some of the brothers attend lots of auctions.
  4. I've just been looking online and cars are super expensive. Even for cars that cost 10K, they are 8 years old and have 100K miles.
  5. The weather is suppose start cooling off, I've always liked the cold. The later months of the year are great. Being able to wear jackets, still getting time off work for federal holidays even though you don't celebrate them, snow. 

  6. Dogs are family members. When you hear or see them in pain, for animal lovers there instinct is to help.
  7. You're dog is a cutie sister. 😶

    1. Loopy


      Thank you, Sis. ☺️

      Sophie is a black Papillion/Pomeranian mix (avatar) She will be 19 in December. 

      The white/brown is Bandit a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix. He’s one.


      Sorry having 2 I’m easily confused. 🤣 😂 🤣

    2. Beyond the Sky

      Beyond the Sky

      19 years old wow. She is lucky to have had you as her owner. 

  8. Another one we work with often did the same thing today! She called and asked if I had anyone in the area that could do a load for her today. I told her we were all booked up today. Then she hung up the phone! I wonder if Satan just is trying to make me depressed.
  9. This broker called me at work today and said "who is our driver today?" I told her his name and she said "I thought so" then hung up the phone without saying thanks or anything. It was weird to me because shes always been so nice, I was taken back.


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