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    I found the truth on my Job. Working night I had a Brother who ask me question on what I think paradise is. So I answer by saying "Belize "And a conversation on scripture and questions and here I am.

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    Deep research. Love love love!! Of the Bible.
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    Classic from around the world and of course the newest Kingdom Hall songs love His only begotten son.
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    Again classic like Gone with the wind and The Bible part one and two.
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    Think positive....like Jehovah...

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  1. Yes . With the new book we recieve on JW. Org. I look forward for it to help me pay attention even more to my teaching. Thank to Jehovah he show us how to,not only say so and let us wonder on our own how to. All praise go to our loving father.
  2. Thank so much to all my spiritual brothers and sisters here. I love research,so I appreciate this group immediately cause I able to benefit from the different viewpoint and also enhanced my thought 💭 on what I already understand from my personal research. Also I recieve topics or questions that also send me to do more digging for spiritual food. I feel like I’m at spiritual table with all here. Just enjoying this wholesome food together with Jehovah blessing.
  3. Beautiful songs . It was beautiful to sing out to Jehovah especially when you look up the two scriptures that was mention . It speak about not even the heaven can’t contain Jehovah less the earthly dwelling place . At first I didn’t understand until I look up the scriptures . And as I was going over it I look up into the sky and just happen to catch the rising of the sun ☀️ beautiful .
  4. Terrible times Just as the Bible say....May Jehovah help us stay alert and strong...
  5. Yes !today is the start of memorial bible reading . I read it! then as I was going through my work locker I come across this book JESUS, The way, The truth ...yes u know it. Well , page 238 ,paragraph 1 say; The next day Sunday Nisan 9 JESUS leaves Bethany ...question; Does this mean "today" would have been "Nisan 9 "or we just reading it from that point...in the scriptures.? I feel it is.but decided to check..
  6. Sorry problably fall asleep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The convention was on times. I pray yes,for my sisters and brothers in Russia. like Hezekiah say we all stand on Jehovah side no matter what....
  8. Lovely picture of her holding the Bible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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