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  1. We do it too. We mute everyone and then play one or two Kingdom songs. It helps to prepare and concentrate yourself for the meeting.
  2. Sadly, for now this function would work only on iOS devices... Waiting for Android compatibility.
  3. I understand your point, brother John, bet personally I don't agree with everything... Our brothers here try to do their best to make our meetings experience better. And they have tools or knowledge to do that. Is that wrong? I don't see it as criticism, more about wanting to make everything smoother and finer. Why not to try if you can do that? It helps to improve. Of course we value opportunity to have meetings on Zoom. I believe everyone love this. But technology is technology and sometimes there's need to fine tune something. This discussion and raising questions helps to do that. Sorry, brother, if I misunderstood what you've said. Correct me if I was wrong. 😊
  4. Nevermind, I remembered where it was. There in Lithuanian it was translated as "No way", literally - "Go for yourself" ("Eik sau"). Having that in mind I remember I was also a little bit suprised Neeta didn't get it. We use that phrase all the time in Lithuania too.
  5. Could someone point me to that part of video where Jade said that? Want to check that in Lithuanian too.
  6. Fortunately, it has! If you're playing audio, you just need to expand JW Library's audio player (click on that) that it would be expanded full-screen. Then it's visible.
  7. If the music is played/streamed from JW Library, then lower the volume in JW Library.
  8. Does it say "not currently listed as compatible"? Because it doesn't mean it's truly non-compatible, the main requirements are secure boot to be enabled and have TPM 2.0 enabled or to have that TPM 2.0 chip at all in your computer's motherboard (it can be disabled in BIOS, here is some useful information how to check and enable that).
  9. Strange... For me it's working as it should, same JW Library and Windows versions.
  10. I will try to capture it, although it's my first time trying to do this 😁 It'll start here in Lithuania at around 1 pm (GMT+3).
  11. It's not because of audio/media itself. For example, brother in our congregation who uses Macbook, his shared audio is very clean, as original. But for some other brothers using Windows sound starts to crackle. Maybe it's because of integrated sound card of a laptop/PC or audio bitrate.
  12. Couldn't this problem be caused by sound card? Because I've tried sharing audio with integrated and dedicated sound card (the simple one from Creative) and there was a difference. Crackling was heard using integrated card while dedicated worked with no problems.
  13. Huge thanks to all the staff for updating this! Sometimes there's need to wait for changes, and it's worth it, although you could think why it wasn't done before.
  14. If you'll eat donuts, you won't have that "ugh" in your stomach after it's full!

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