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  1. The meeting attendance, participation in ministry, prayers, and personal study, etc...are building blocks to dedicating our lives to Jehovah and to increase our faith....If we're not doing those things, the opening theme scripture says we need to consider what people we are... self examination is needed
  2. any one having trouble updating WTL 2016? mine doesn't go past 90% on the update. I have a mac and no CD-rom so an elder in my hall installed it on my computer for me.
  3. It's a good reminder to not just read because we may overlook the value in the Bible...here Jesus said to request not for "myself" but to request for others/ pray for others who may be less fortunate. We definitely should be cognizant of our brothers around the world
  4. We are living in a time when a lot of people are in fear of the future..but not jehovahs people, we have confidence that Jehovah will defend us against any threat we may face..very comforting to know Jesus and the anointed co rulers will fight in our behalf.. this why we are admonished to sit back and watch salvation, it's up to us to build up our faith and get ready for such a momentous time
  5. It's also noteworthy that pride is healthy to a degree, the scriptures don't abolish it completely but like any and everything in life there needs to be a balance or a limit to how we display this emotion.
  6. the removal of a disfellowedshipped one is never easy for both sides.. but its an opportunity for the family and the congregation to show where their loyalty lies... Our reliance must be with our creator, jehovah...any hardships we may face during the process, we can be assured jehovah provides assistance to get us through it no matter what.. On the other side the disfellowshipped one must also put his relationship and reliance into jehovahs perspective. while its not an easy road back to jehovah, he is certainly there to help them every step of the way.
  7. I like how the text brings out Eccl 3:1 and then expounds on the point of training less experienced ones. Jehovah does not look for men to be stagnant in his organization. Men are used to Shepard the flock and provide direction as necessary. With that always being the case and Satan constantly looking to thwart those reaching out it can only be conclusive that urgency must be rendered when it comes to progressing as men and helping others to progress as well.
  8. Really Appreciate this text.. it is very timely as we can see from recent world events this world is in a global state of disunity.. we can clearly see how United Jehovah organization is in stark contrast to the world. We truly look forward to a time when we don't have to deal with the hatred and disunity that Satan system displays
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