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  1. The GB are walking a very fine line in this area. They cannot give instructions beyond scriptural matters. There have been Watchtower articles about Elders exceeding their authority, and the negative results. The GB also cannot take sides in any political matters. And somehow, amazingly, the question of whether or not to listen to doctors, or trust medicines, in a time of global pandemic, has become a political punching match. Depending on which news channel you watch, or which state you live in, you'll never understand how a person can so easily say yes/no to vaccines. What they're saying in the updates is the limit of what they can do in either direction. They're sharing what they and others in Bethel have done, and providing all the information and stats, from the Society. A group that we can be fairly sure isn't politicised or biased for any secular or financial reason. It's a reminder for us as well, that we should go no further than they do, when speaking with our brothers. During the downright vicious election cycle, the one topic you never had to worry about among Witnesses was "Who are you voting for?" But the WT also warned about subtler divisions between brothers based on economics, language, or even which sports team you cheer for. Like it or not, this has become another such point where JW's can take sides, between Pro/Anti-Vaxxers.
  2. I hate to say this, but JW's in Russia aren't law abiding. Under Russian Law, we're extremists. They hit our brothers the same way they attack a potential suicide bomber. A policy that is ridiculous, but even that was prophesied. JW's never try to affect change by affecting government policy. It can't work that way because laws can't change minds, or soften hearts. In most cases, government is the problem. That's the whole point of the sovereignty question. Respecting the authorities when not in conflict with scriptural commandments is a major part of being a Witness. In Russia, brothers have all the responsibilities of being honest, law abiding citizens, and none of the protections that affords. But we don't try to convert nations, we preach to individuals. Every day, a Russian Officer of the law dresses in full riot gear and mask, and tackles a little old grandmother. They have to be asking why. They have to know what they're doing. The roman centurions who were permanently shackled to Paul must have been in for the full court press. This is the modern equivalent of that. How we respond to unfairness and violence is no small witness.
  3. My dad's doing cartwheels that JWL is finally on Mac. I've got a Chromebook, which is the only computer I know that can't create a backup of my study notes.
  4. We've built a system so elegant that none of us know how it works. But I do know that the entire economic system of the western world is designed to make sure everything gets where it needs to be just in time. It lowers costs if you have little surplus to deal with. Every US Supermarket has less then two weeks worth of food on the shelves at any given time, and that's not even counting meat, milk, and things that spoil fast. Something I've learned from Covid is that panic buying can be set off by anything. We had pensioners going store to store in taxis looking for a place they could buy a roll of toilet paper.
  5. The scripture that keeps coming to my mind is Matt 24: 21,22 The idea of 'planet killing' problems was impossible in Bible Times (Except the Flood, which doesn't count because man didn't do that). The idea of extinction level events were entirely the product of the last seventy years or so. It is going to be worse than anything that's ever happened before. But the point we have to remind ourselves of is that the GT and the Last Days have one important difference: The Last Days affect us as much as anyone else. The GT isn't for us at all.
  6. Ahh, Spider-Man was my first comic book fav. Tobey McGuire's Spidey was also my first comic book movie, of any substance. The very first DVD I ever bought with my own money. I'm a huge Marvel fan now, and I can't really describe what it's like to see what looks an awful lot like a crossover.
  7. Sorry it took so long, everyone, but "Written Beforehand" is now available in Paperback. It briefly broke the Top 50 in "Christian Fiction", and has now settled around Top 100 or so. My thanks to everyone who helped it climb the charts.
  8. On Netflix Australia, my two favorites: "The Good Place" "Lost In Space" (The remake series)
  9. Yes, but only the JW's (Or the Bible Students Association) were warning it would be a turning point *before* it came. Our interpretation of the Seven Times is unique in that it's verifiable that we saw it coming. One of the few modern prophecies we expected, rather than identified after it began.
  10. So, it's been the better part of a week; and I feel stupid for not having put these up sooner. Many thanks to everyone who's reviewed/commented and otherwise supported the work. Chapter Six: Safe Chapter Seven: Wisdom of the Ages Chapter Eight: Keep On Winning Chapter Nine: In A Heartbeat Chapter Ten: Have We Decided? Chapter Eleven: Rainfall Chapter Twelve: How It Ends Chapter Thirteen: Eyewitnesses Epilogue
  11. So, the first review on Amazon is Five Stars. If you happen to be on this Forum, my thanks. WB briefly broke the Top 90 on 'Christian Fiction', but has since dropped back to Top 120. Hope everyone's still enjoying the book. All my thanks.
  12. I assume the whole thread is Spoiler-Land. Certainly you guys read it faster than I do.
  13. Well, shows you what I know. Amazon usually says 'available in the next 72 hours, when you click 'Publish'. This time around, it took less than two. ************** ************** Written Beforehand The First Book in the 'Between The Verses' Series Writing the Paradise books was a lot of fun, and a great form of personal study. But with that series concluding more than a thousand years in the future, I wanted a fresh start. So instead of looking further forward, I started over completely with Genesis. As with the Paradise Novels, there will be several points where the information we have is not sufficient to base a book on. Every significant point were I have relied on my own speculation will be marked, and my reasoning given. It's entirely possible that i am wrong, but the reader will have to make their own judgements in those areas. For this series, I wanted to tell the stories of people who were present for Biblical Events, but not directly involved in them. Scripture has a close record of the men and women who were central to these events, even recording the words they said. But there are a hundred ways to learn more about them. So instead, I decided to look to the people affected, who are rarely, if ever, mentioned. This gave me a unique viewpoint, because we're reminded constantly to visualise what we're reading about during Bible Studies, and apply the lessons learned to our day. So each book in this new series will also have a modern day story, comparing those times with our own. As a result, there's really no way to know how closely the books will tie together, or how many there will be. I'll make an effort to keep them chronological, and while there may be shorter novellas in between the 'main' books, each one will be intended as a standalone story. Because I don't know how many books there will be, I'll likely be posting them all in this one thread, so that I don't take up the whole forum with Stickied Threads. The goal of these books is not to make a profit, but to get the widest readership, so each novel will be available on the series blog, chapter by chapter, and as a free download. But if you'd like to support the Author, there are two things you can do: 1) You can share the books with people who might be interested. 2) You can purchase the book on Amazon. In the meantime, for those who are unsure about starting a new series, here's a free preview of the first five chapters. Chapter One: Eight Cents Chapter Two: Predictions Chapter Three: Denial Chapter Four: First Steps Chapter Five: The Clear Choice Enjoy.

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