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  1. He did that for the sake of the skeptics, but since they wouldn't look at the spreadsheets, he gave up on them.
  2. He explains his situation in this video he just posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d-6l42XQ6g
  3. We woke up one night to our neighbor's garage engulfed in flames, and embers raining down all over our forest and landing on our house, when we lived in Washington. It was a really weird feeling, because all we could do was wait for a fire to start on our property with the garden hose, but thankfully none ever did. We couldn't believe it, and were very careful after that to keep the forest floor as cleared of dead limbs as we could. After they logged the hillside behind our property, the winds were unabated and kept blowing down our trees, so it was an unending job keeping it cleared. Rocket is right, it's the underbrush that burns, and there was none in that photo, since it was all parking lot and grass. Here are some photos of them logging, and what we had to go through to clean up the blow downs.
  4. There is an arrangement from the society for visitors to stay at the apartments called NCB for up to 5 nights by applying through your congregation. NCB is central to the WT facilities, and it was purchased to house workers for the Warwick construction project. Now brothers wanting to do the tours can stay there, and they provide transportation for the tours, as the sites are remote, and no public transportation is available. The Oasis tours are something else entirely, but well worth your while if you have the time. There are several of them, and they are at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, which you could get to by train. They are done by brothers who take small groups through the museum, and use the artifacts to develop certain bible based themes. When you actually see things, like "the braiding of hair" (1 Peter 3:3), it adds a depth of understanding that you wouldn't have otherwise. Hope that helps.
  5. They read a letter after the Watchtower Study in our congregation last week asking for donations of generators between 2000 - 6000 watts and other things for a shipment to Puerto Rico out of Patterson. On Tuesday, our COBE told us that all of the needs had been met, and the truck left Patterson that morning with 250 donated generators. The video mentioned over 200 generators, and it amazed us how quickly and generously our brothers responded.
  6. These are some of the numbers provided by some 80 stations for the latest 6.4 EQ in the Fiji region https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us2000autd#origin: Channel Type Amplitude Period Status Magnitude Weight HV AIND HHZ -- mb 4.012e-07 m 1.2200 s automatic 6.12 0.00 AU ARMA BHZ -- mb 3.021e-07 m 0.9500 s automatic 5.90 0.00 AU AS31 BHZ -- mb 1.5295e-07 m 1.1500 s automatic 5.72 0.00 AK ATKA BHZ -- mb 2.052e-06 m 0.9200 s automatic 6.96 0.00 AU BBOO BHZ -- mb 1.18375e-06 m 1.7500 s automatic 6.43 1.00 GE BKB BHZ -- mb 3.155e-07 m 1.0000 s automatic 6.20 1.00 G CAN BHZ 00 mb 1.0995e-06 m 1.8000 s automatic 6.29 1.00 IU CASY BHZ 10 mb 2.884e-07 m 0.8500 s automatic 6.34 1.00 AV CLES BHZ -- mb 5.2922e-06 m 1.2400 s automatic 7.24 0.00 AU COEN BHZ -- mb 6.244e-07 m 1.1500 s automatic 6.35 1.00 IU CTAO BHZ 10 mb 5.688e-07 m 0.8000 s automatic 6.49 1.00 IU DAV BHZ 10 mb 6.665e-07 m 0.7500 s automatic 6.65 0.00 AU EIDS BHZ -- mb 4.238e-07 m 1.2000 s automatic 5.96 0.00 II ERM BHZ 10 mb 1.2295e-07 m 0.9000 s automatic 5.74 0.00 GE FAKI BHZ -- mb 2.47655e-06 m 1.9000 s automatic 6.92 0.00 AU FORT BHZ -- mb 5.6315e-07 m 0.7000 s automatic 6.62 0.00 So the range in magnitudes is from 5.72 to 7.24, and it averages out to about 6.4. So, it's around 6.4, based on simple math. Therefore, using logarithmic equations derived from approximate numbers seems a little too precise to fit this science. But that's just my opinion.
  7. Seems to me it should be a 5.1, too. Sometimes his math doesn't add up for me either, but the numbers he's working with are only approximate anyway, an average, which always seem to be lower than what he thinks they should be. Still, it shows there is nothing exact in this science, so you can't be too picayune with his forecasts. You just go with the flow.
  8. You're funny, Ross. I started watching him back in 2011 because we lived in the Pacific Northwest, (where there were earthquakes), but I can't remember the last time there was an earthquake in Michigan, where you're from. But even though we moved to the East Coast, I still keep up with him, so I definitely get your fascination with 'his science'. I guess either you love it or you don't.
  9. He makes forecasts, and doesn't call them predictions. From what I've seen, he has a pretty good feel for earthquakes, and his method is not too different from forecasting the weather. He's sincere enough, and really just wants to help people, and it's sad to see how much opposition he's encountered, If he wasn't accurate, his viewers wouldn't be supporting him the way they do so he can do it full time.
  10. There's a JW homeschool Yahoo Group that has a fairly large homeschool community: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Jehovahs_Witness-homeschool/info You might be able to find some friends from your area there.
  11. Actually, there's abundant evidence, as the source I just referenced explains: "Thousands of feathered dinosaurs have been discovered, many of which seem to be branches in the bird family tree. And in 1996, scientists in China unearthed Sinosauropteryx, the first feathered theropod that isn't a direct relative of birds. These discoveries are helping scientists not only piece together the origin of modern avians, but also to re-write long-held notions about the ways many dinosaurs looked and behaved." http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/04/160405-dinosaurs-feathers-birds-museum-new-york-science/
  12. It's possible that our elementary school science needs to be updated. According to more recent research, "the inner core’s intense pressure—the entire rest of the planet and its atmosphere—prevents the iron from melting. The pressure and density are simply too great for the iron atoms to move into a liquid state. Because of this unusual set of circumstances, some geophysicists prefer to interpret the inner core not as a solid, but as a plasma behaving as a solid." And as for the magnetic field, the same source states: "It might be easy to think that Earth’s magnetism is caused by a big ball of solid iron in the middle. But in the inner core, the temperature is so high the magnetism of iron is altered. Once this temperature is reached, the atoms of a substance can no longer align to a magnetic point. So the earth’s magnetic field is created in the swirling outer core." https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/core/ Similarly, another source reasons: "The core of the Earth cannot be solid, or magma -- rather it must be something hotter than all known elements, something which generates it's own magnetic field, it's own gravitational field, and something which REFLECTS incoming seismic waves as if it were "solid". The only known state of matter that fits the bill for being hot enough to melt all elements, produce it's own magnetic field, produce it's own gravity (carries mass / weight), and something that reflects blasts/waves..... is PLASMA. Clearly the Earth's core is indeed on the move (expanding / growing) in power. The power feeding the plasma core must come (normally) from the sun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-agsNAxnNg
  13. I don't think the video maker cared about the where the water was. There's no remnant of the water, only the land. So the land could have been under the water, as the Bible goes on to explain: ‘Then (on the third day) God said: “Let the waters under the heavens be collected together into one place, and let the dry land appear.” And it was so. God called the dry land Earth, but the collecting of the waters, he called Seas.’ (Gen. 9, 10) Also on that day plants and trees were made. On the fourth day, the luminaries appeared. On the fifth day, the fish and flying creatures were made, long after the earth had been covered with water. So that leads to the question of what were the flying creatures? Evolutionists would have us believe that the fish grew legs and walked up out of the oceans. For that reason, dinosaurs were generally portrayed as scaly reptiles. However, more recent studies have come to the conclusion that "dinosaurs, including the Tyrannosaurus rex, must have had feathers, and display a host of other bird- like traits. Recent CT scans of the insides of dinosaur skulls, for example, show that the parts of the brain that control sight, flight, and high-level memory functions were every bit as expanded in theropods as they are in living birds. And they have found small predators called Citipati protecting their nests of eggs, as well as large Allosaurus with the same hollow bone structures that make birds light enough to fly." http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/04/160405-dinosaurs-feathers-birds-museum-new-york-science/ So, regardless of where the earth was in its course of expansion, these huge dinosaurs may well have been among the flying creatures that were created on the fifth day, suggesting that the earth was smaller and the gravity reduced. Otherwise, a ‘flying dinosaur the size of a T. Rex would've been WAY too heavy for wings to work.’ https://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/2ut11k/did_trex_have_wings/
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